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Shaker And Spoon Review

Subscription boxes are nothing new- chances are you’ve tried at least one, whether it be food, books, plants, or dog treats. But Shaker and Spoon is a subscription service offering something you might not have considered getting delivered to you monthly: cocktail kits. Each Shaker and Spoon subscription box includes the recipes for three different …

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Best Bitters For Old Fashioned

A good Old Fashioned cocktail can be hard to beat. The sophisticated blend of bourbon, bitters, sugar, and soda produce a one-of-a-kind cocktail typically served in an Old Fashioned glass. This famous cocktail gets its name from the actions of people asking for their drink to be made the “Old Fashioned way”. The Old Fashioned …

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Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey Review

Flavored whiskey has commonly been criticized for compromising the taste and depth of flavor that traditional whiskey has. While this can be the case within cheaper brands that use a lower quality whiskey as their base, there are some great flavored whiskeys on the market that have already been used within cocktails, drinking neat over …

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