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Best Coconut Rum

If you’re looking for the most divine coconut rum for a party, or a family event, or even just yourself, you’ve come to the right place because there is something so special about drinking and collecting rum.

Rum is a particularly made liquor that is made by fermenting and then distilling sugarcane molasses, or sugarcane juice. The result of this distillate is a clear liquid that is aged in oak barrels, hence eventually making the rum we all love and enjoy today.

Most rum is made and produced in the Caribbean and North and South America, however, rum is also made in other sugarcane-producing countries such as the Philippines and Taiwan. 

So, where did we get the name for rum? Well, the origin of the name is actually unclear, however, most believe it is related to “rumbullion”, which is a beverage created by boiling up sugarcanes.

Some also believe that the slang word for Uproar, “rumbustion”. Either way, these words surfaced in English at the same time that rum did in 1651.

Regardless of where the name came from, rum is widely loved and adored across the globe and many flavors have been created since its original production hundreds of years ago to suit our preferences, such as coconut rum.

Now, since rum is made using sugarcane and molasses, you can imagine how sweet the distilled stuff is before it has a chance to age. Molasses is an incredibly thick substance that is divine when distilled in alcohol.

Best to not get yourself involved in any incidents like the Great Boston molasses flood of 1912 though. Stick to drinking it in wonderful rums! 

Buy Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Spiced Rum Cream | ReserveBar

Buy Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream ReserveBar

There’s something about coconut spiced rum that just works and delights our tastebuds and it’s probably got something to do with how aged we like our alcohol!

Drinking rum has been signified in many historical stories and historical events or incidents over time and it’s a drink that is best enjoyed in a classical way.

Pirates drank rum most days and while we don’t do this now, enjoying the occasional glass is appreciated more when you do get the chance to drink it. 

Blue Chair Bay’s coconut spiced rum cream holds notes of extra spicy ingredients to excite the tastebuds, that have been blended with real cream to create a truly authentic rum experience.

The bran’s rum is inspired by the island lifestyle of a multi-platinum singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney, so you can imagine the history behind this brand’s traditional and unique coconut rum blend. 

Blue Chair Bay’s coconut rum will take your cocktails to the next level of your holiday and island lifestyle. It’s ideal blended into root beer floats, Coladas, and espresso martinis because of its creamy taste and the spices give your drinks that extra kick!

You’ll be getting a 750ml bottle to enjoy throughout your beach resort journey and this drink was born directly on the beach, produced from the Caribbeans. It’s so easy to make your own cocktail with this rum and Blue Chair Bay have got the recipe of dreams to tie over your exotic and booze-filled holiday!

You’ll need 1.5 ounces of Blue Chair Bay’s coconut spiced rum cream, 0.5 ounces of pineapple syrup, 2 ounces of pomegranate juice, and some mint and blueberries to garnish!

Simply fill your shaker with plenty of ice, pour all the ingredients into the shaker, and shake like there’s no tomorrow!

Strain the cocktail into a highball over ice, and garnish with fresh mint and blueberries. There are no excuses now! You can make your own cocktail with our guidance and all you have to do is follow the instructions to be flat out by the end of the day.


  • Naturally Premium Rum – under 99 calories with bold flavors
  • Creamy coconut – with a spiced finish to it
  • Sun-ripened coconuts – with notes of vanilla and warm island spices 


  • Must drink responsibly – distilled rum alcohol 

Coconut Cartel Special Añejo Rum | ReserveBar

Coconut Cartel Special Añejo Rum ReserveBar

We’re not sure what the truly best rum out there is for sure, but this rum is a strong contender to the list! Dark rum has been aged for longer and as we all know, to age like fine wine is a good life to live, and our alcohol should follow this same moral!

The bottle also certainly looks the part in showing how smooth this coconut rum is, when buying a bottle of coconut rum, you want it to speak to you through its appearance as much as it does through taste, and the design on this bottle has been delightfully made to represent this rum. 

This divine rum is a cocktail-sipping rum that comes in a 750ml bottle. It’s aged for up to 12 consecutive years in American white oak barrels, cut to proof with organic coconut water, and then bottled at 40% for you to enjoy neat or in your cocktail mixers!

This rum has all the characteristics of American style aging, with notes of sweet vanilla, oak, rich caramel, and bananas for an added subtle sweetness. The infusion of the locally sourced coconut water is what makes Coconut Cartel special Anejo rum so unique and rich! 

This rum has some hidden special notes for you to pick apart whilst drinking, you may detect notes of sandalwood, vanilla, caramel, burnt brown sugar, coconut, and salt depending on your tastebuds! It has a medium-long finish with a sweet and oaky tang overall, and it tastes smooth, soft, and luscious. 

We have another cocktail recipe from Coconut Cartel Anejo Rum to get you started and you’ll need 1.5 ounces of the straight distilled coconut cartel Anejo rum, and one large cube of solid ice to create it! Simply pour the luscious rum over the ice into a desired jar or glass and enjoy. 

Coconut Cartel is actually an origin story of siblings Mike and Dani Zig, their story is based around all the places they’ve called home because they grew up in Miami, Guatemala, and El Salvador to Latin parents, these may be drastically different places, however, they are culturally connected and are the very inspiration behind the siblings home created rum. 


  • Custom engraving – With a personalized message included 
  • Make it the ultimate gift – with a luxury velvet drawstring bottle holder
  • Easy Sipper – goes down as easy as it looks!


  • A bit pricy with the add ons – however worth the investment for a large bottle

SelvaRey Coconut Rum | ReserveBar


There isn’t a rum bottle we’ve met that we haven’t fallen head over heels for, and this coconut rum by SelvaRey is a true gift from the gods above in alcohol!

The bottle looks stupendous and we adore how sophisticated the design is, it looks as smooth as it tastes and that’s just how we like our rum! We got our hands on a bottle to try out and it was certainly a hit in the office, it disappeared too quickly for my personal liking however it was worth introducing everyone to. 

This rum is elevated, refined, and simply delicious which is just what you want from a traditionally distilled drink! No spirit transported you quite like this and legendary maestro Romero, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, infuses a vibrant two-year-old rum with a velvety coconut essence that results, in a tropical paradise in a glass. Bring luxury and deliciousness to the table on your paradise island holiday. 

We just love cocktail recipes apparently because SelvaRey has got the most spectacular rum cocktail recipe that is a must to try out during your island beach getaway.

You’ll need 1 part SelvaRay coconut rum, 1 part pineapple juice, 2 parts coconut water, and a lime wedge to garnish. Blend or combine the mixture over ice, stir, and finish off with that sour lime wedge for a kick like no other to your tastebuds. 


  • Add ons available – luxurious velvet bag holder
  • Light and refreshing – lime and passionfruit keep it fresh
  • Smooth and velvety – note of decadence without feeling cloying


  • May be limited in State availability – always check before buying

Calypso Coconut Rum Price & Reviews | Drizly

Calypso Coconut Rum

There should always be a coconut rum at a party that encapsulates the taste of a good time into a single drink and this is the rum to do the job!

It has been made with fresh Caribbean rum and Calypso’s perfect coconut flavor makes it ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail blends on any occasion. It has been distilled to 21% ABV and the coconut flavor has a true kick like no other rum out there! 

This particular rum flavor is white rum, also known as light or silver because of its see-through, and clear liquid format. It’s the ultimate party rum mixer and you just cannot throw an island party without this drink on your table inventory of alcohol. We tried it for ourselves and to say it was a hit for all the cocktails would be a gross understatement!

Because of its fresh coconut flavoring, it went down like water in everyone’s cocktails, and the hangovers the next day were proof of where it all disappeared to. 


  • Fresh and flavorsome – coconut rum with a kick
  • Cost-effective – rum that is affordable and accessible 
  • Great for cocktails – an addition to any party


  • A bit strong – but perfect for mixing

Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum Price & Reviews | Drizly

Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum

There’s just something about that name, toasted coconut rum, that draws you in to want to try it for yourself.

Rum is rich in flavor and sweetness, especially when it’s enjoyed at its darkest state in color, so the idea behind something being toasted or spiced just sounds even more divine with this combination of dark, rich molasses-filled rum.

Needless to say, the palm tree location island on the front design of the bottle also makes me want to make a quick getaway to the Caribbeans by myself, and not come back because when you have coconut rum and a tropical island, what more could you need in life? 

This toasted coconut rum by Siesta comes in a 750ml bottle and a 1.75-liter bottle so you can truly drink until your heart is content with rum and booze if you wish to do so!

It’s a natural rum that gets its smoked flavor from 100% real toasted coconuts, and it’s made with ground spices, honey, and toasted coconut flakes which when combined together, create a truly unique rich rum with an added sweetness to the flavor. 

If you’re looking for the best-toasted coconut rum on the planet, this is it! We had to try out a bottle for ourselves and the results were truly shocking. Even the most sensitive drinkers who don’t like the strong stuff were all over this bottle!


  • 35% ABV – so you get what you pay for 
  • Coconut and ground spiced rum – toasty and delicious 
  • Authentic bottle – the design speaks for itself and represents the brand’s coconut rum well


  • It will always upstage any other rum bottle – so say goodbye to your old favorites 

Big Five Rum Coconut Rum | ReserveBar

Big Five Rum Coconut Rum ReserveBar

Big Five Rum’s coconut rum is the last in our picking and boy is it a good one! Its made from all-natural coconut flavors and the rum is 70 proof, 35% alcohol which makes it higher in alcohol content and has less sugar than your typical coconut flavored rum. It is Florida-made and Cuban inspired to create an authentic blend of several countries’ origins and roots. 

Big Five Rum was founded by 2 first-generation Cuban-Americans and is a homage to the big five social clubs in Old Havana, Cuba in the 1950s. These big five clubs included the Vedado Tennis club, the Mirimar Yacht Club, the Biltmore Yacht and Country Club, the Havana Yacht Club, and the Casino Espanol.

The brand celebrates the cosmopolitan leisure of these clubs and the Cuban spirit that flowed through them in the 50s. When it comes down to it, you want your rum to have a rich and full history to its origins, and this rum’s origin is like no other before it.

We have one final cocktail mix for you to try out with this rum and it’s delicious! You’ll need 2 ounces of Big 5 coconut rum, 1 ounce of orange juice, 1 ounce of pineapple juice, 4 dashes of Angostura bitters, and of course, crushed ice! Simply shake the first four ingredients, strain them over crushed ice in Collins glass, top with grenadine, and stir, and then to finish, garnish with a fresh orange slice. 


  • Handmade leather bottle holder – impeccable quality made in the USA 
  • Unique flavors – including toasted coconut, powdered sugar, and honeydew melon
  • Backstrap molasses-based rum – sugarcane sources from South Florida, some of the best sugarcanes in the world


  • Drink Responsibly – very strong rum

Buyers Guide

Authentic Family Roots

When buying your ideal coconut flavored rum, you want the brand to have a traditional, but unique heritage to their rum. When and where was the brand founded?

What’s the story behind the makers and the mixing of the rum and what makes it so unique compared to other family-owned brands?

Ask yourself these questions when searching and you won’t regret it when you find the perfect coconut rum for your alcohol cabinet. 

Flavors and Spices

Consider what ground spices and flavors you want in your coconut rum, it’s not just about that fresh coconut essence when it comes down to it. Yes, coconut is the main flavor and ingredient in coconut rum, however, what other spices and flavors have been added to compliment the coconut?

Vanilla and caramel are of the sweetest tastes that go well with coconut rum, and ground spices give the drink a kick that knocks you down like no other rum out there. Are you looking for something toasted and spicy? Or something refreshing and sweeter than sugar. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Kind Of Rum Is In Coconut Rum?

Every rum, regardless of its flavor, uses the same distilled sugarcane or molasses rum that has been aged in oak barrels. So, you can flavor your own rum, or buy a specially made flavored rum of your choosing.

Typically in coconut rum, the flavoring is simple but unique to provide a delicate and smooth finish to the taste. You may also find that some companies use coconut water to make their coconut rum mixtures because some areas gain great access to fresh locally sources coconut water.

The taste is like no other when it’s made fresh. 

What Flavors Are Rum Available In?

Traditional rum is flavored with simple ingredients like vanilla, coconut, and molasses. However, it comes in many different flavors to suit your own preferences and spice up your cocktails. Stereotypically, rum comes in either fruit-infused flavors, or spiced-infused flavors for a cozy finish, it’s up to you which you’d prefer to try.

Rum also comes in various shades with the darkest being the richest of the flavors. You can get white rum, golden rum, and dark rum, golden and dark having more of a kick to them. Most flavors vary in different fruits such as strawberry, coconut, and mango, to name a few.