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Best Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

If you like wine, you will know that it is very similar to gazpacho soup and revenge. How you may ask? Because it is best served cold.

This is why it is common to store wine bottles in the fridge, but even a single bottle can take up a lot of space, which is fine if you live alone, but larger families may need the space for fitting more food. 

Naturally, you can’t just leave your bottles out to get warm as this will cause your wine to spoil. It doesn’t take a very high temperature to ruin your drink, even a normal room temperature of 75° Fahrenheit will be enough to affect the flavor.

Furthermore, heat damage can compromise the seal on your bottle, which will let air in and cause oxidation. So if you don’t have space in your fridge for your wine bottles, it can be enough to simply store them in a cool dry place.

This is why wine cellars exist but if you can’t afford to build one of those a thermoelectric wine cooler is the next best thing. 

Thermoelectric coolers are quieter than fridges that use compressors. They also have low energy consumption and won’t vibrate, which keeps the natural sediments in your wine undisturbed.

In this article, we’ll be going through five of the best thermoelectric coolers and fill you in on how these devices work to keep your wine chilled and delicious.

Our Best Thermoelectric Wine Coolers Reviews

Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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Thermoelectric wine coolers aren’t like fridges (see also: Best Mini Fridge For Kegerators)and one significant difference is that they will overheat much faster.

As such, you should always place your cooler in an open space where it has room to breathe. Koolatron has built this compact cooler to hold 20 bottles while fitting comfortably on your kitchen counter.

The digital touchscreen display makes it easy to control the temperature your beverages are stored at. You can place this cooler on most tables or countertops provided there is a nearby power supply.

Not only does the Koolatron look very stylish, but the mirrored glass door will protect your wine from harmful UV rays that will spoil its flavor. 

The racks are built to carry standard 750ml wine bottles but you can remove and rearrange them to store larger bottles like champagne or soft drinks.

An interior LED light is included to help you see which bottle you are picking out. Most importantly for a thermoelectric cooler, you can expect no noise or vibration from this unit. 


  • Digital temperature controls – Set the coolers internal temperature with the touchscreen controls 
  • Cooling range of 46-66° Fahrenheit – Keep your wine and other beverages at the perfect temperature. 
  • Compact – This cooler accommodates 20 bottles while still fitting on most tables or countertops. 
  • Removable racks – Rearrange the racks however you want for storing bigger bottles.


Horizontal racks – Makes it harder to tell what a bottle is without removing it from the cooler. 

SUPER DEAL 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler 

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If you don’t want to put your cooler in plain sight, you can place it inside any empty cabinet as long as there is enough space for the fan to circulate air without overheating.

This upright model from SUPER DEAL can hold eighteen standard wine bottles and will fit comfortably under your kitchen counter or even in a spare cupboard if you have one big enough. 

The touchscreen controls at the top of the door are simple and easy to use. With removable racks and blue LEDs inside the cabinet, you can arrange your bottles however you want and easily tell what they are at a glance.

The thermoelectric cooling system promises no vibration and no noise while the internal fan keeps the whole cooler at a consistent temperature. 

This cooler has a transparent double glazed door so you can appreciate your bottles on the racks. The double glazing incorporates a special anti-UV layer for blocking out sunlight and protecting your wine.

As well as wine, the racks are wide enough to accommodate bigger bottles such as champagne and some brandies. 


  • Compact upright cooler – This sleek cabinet can fit in most spaces both under and on top of your kitchen countertop.
  • Touchscreen controls – The controls are easy to use and compliment the cooler’s elegant aesthetic 
  • Internal LED – Makes it easy to see the labels on your bottles. 
  • Removable racks – Store your bottles however you want by rearranging or removing the racks 
  • Double glazed door – Two panes of glass with an anti-UV layer in between for protecting your wine. 


  • High energy consumption – Some users have reported that this cooler uses more electricity to work than other models. 

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Slimline Dual Zone Wine Cooler 

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If you couldn’t tell by the brand name, this cooler is for wine enthusiasts who want a slender, thermoelectric cooler for storing their wine.

Thanks to its slender design this cooler can fit in most spaces that would be too small for other appliances. This makes it a great choice for those who want to keep their drinks cabinet compact and accessible. 

Dual-zone wine coolers are split into two sections, as their name suggests. You can control the temperature of each section individually using the simple digital controls at the top of the door.

With this feature, you can keep your reds and whites at their own ideal temperatures by separating them into the top and bottom compartments. The bottom rack even has space for storing bottles upright so you can immediately tell what they are. 

An insulated door prevents temperature fluctuations and blocks UV rays from spoiling your wine. The Slimline boasts 65% greater energy efficiency than other equivalent models so you don’t have to worry about running up your electricity bill. 


  • Variety of racks – Store your bottles horizontally or vertically. 
  • Insulated door – Keeps the internal temperature constant and blocks UV rays. 
  • Dual Zones – The top and bottom compartments can be set to different temperatures for storing different types of wine or other drinks. 
  • Energy Efficient – Save on electricity with this energy-saving cooler. 


  • Opaque door – You can’t view your wine collection through the door. 

Avanti Countertop 6 Bottle WineCooler

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Perhaps you don’t have a large collection of vintages, and only need a cooler for storing a few choice bottles.

This miniature wine cabinet made by Avanti only holds 6 bottles but is perfect for anyone looking for a cheap, compact way of storing their favorite drinks. 

The only noise you will hear from this cooler may be the fan, but this still makes it much quieter than other minifridges that use compressors.

With a temperature range of 46-65°F, you can keep both red and white wines at the ideal temperature. 

The soft-touch digital controls make it easy for you to adjust the temperature as needed.

This model is small enough to fit on countertops or even inside a cupboard provided there is enough spare room.  Since the door is only single-glazed you may want to keep this cooler out of direct sunlight to protect your wine. 


  • Extremely compact – This model can fit on any countertop and in most cupboards. 
  • Soft-touch digital controls – Integrated into the door for easy temperature control. 
  • Quiet – The fan is designed to be very quiet and there are no vibrations to disturb the natural sediment in your wine 
  • Affordable – This cooler comes at a good price. 


  • Single glazed door – Offers no protection against UV rays
  • Small capacity – If you need to store more than 6 standard wine bottles then you will need to look into a larger cooler. 

Koolatron WC24MG Urban Series

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At the opposite end of the spectrum to the Avanti, this cooler is a freestanding wine cellar capable of holding 24 bottles.

Despite its awesome capacity, this cooler is still compact enough to fit on most counters meaning you can always keep your favorite wines close to hand.

This is another dual-zone cooler so you can separate your different drinks and keep them all at the perfect temperature.

The Urban series has a mirrored glass window in the top half of the door for extra protection against UV rays.  Touchscreen controls make it easy to adjust the temperature and turn on the internal LED light without opening the door. 

As with many thermoelectric coolers, this model is very energy efficient and can keep all your bottles between 46-66°F without costing you a fortune on electricity.

There are six removable wire racks that you can arrange however you wish, and adjustable feet for giving your cooler enough ground clearance. 


  • Large storage capacity – Store 24 standard 750ml bottles at once 
  • Compact – Despite its large holding capacity, this cooler can still fit almost anywhere you want, provided there is a power source. 
  • Adjustable feet – Keep the bottom compartment cool by raising the feet to provide extra ground clearance. 
  • Insulated door with mirrored glass – Prevents temperature fluctuations and your wine being spoiled by UV rays. 


  • Horizontal racks – You can’t see the labels on your bottles without removing them to check

Buyer’s Guide

The actual cooling method in thermoelectric coolers is very simple, so there isn’t much that can go wrong when it comes to the mechanical components.

There are still a few essential features worth looking out for if you want to keep your wine from spoiling. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main features any good wine cooler should have.

Freestanding vs Built-In

Some coolers are designed to be freestanding units – in other words they stand alone either on the floor or on a counter. Others are designed to be built-in to a cabinet. Some units can work as either a freestanding or a built-in wine cooler.

Make pay attention to the configuration you are looking at and make sure it fits your needs.

The Door 

Any fridge needs a door that will seal properly and not let heat in or out of the unit. With a wine cooler, it is also essential for the door to provide some sort of protection against UV rays.

A transparent glass window is great for showing off your collection of wines, but if it isn’t double glazed or mirrored your wine will spoil when exposed to direct sunlight.

Most of the time, temperature controls are integrated into the door to ensure the display is easy to read and adjust. 

The Racks

Many of the best thermoelectric wine coolers have removable wire racks so it is easy to slide them out and choose a bottle. The number of racks will determine how many bottles you can fit inside, and how you can arrange them.

Another important thing to consider is that not all wine bottles share the exact same shape. If you want to store champagne or bourbon bottles you may need shallower racks capable of accommodating the wider bottles. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do Thermoelectric Coolers Work? 

Thermoelectric coolers work by a principle called the Peltier effect. Voltage is passed across two different electrically conductive materials.

This creates a temperature differential at the junction where the two different materials meet. When current is run through this junction heat is transferred and one conductor will get colder while the other gets warmer.

The hotter material is attached to a heat sink, while the other material is linked to the inside of the cooler keeping it below room temperature. 

Are They Better Than Regular Fridges? 

Thermoelectric coolers won’t chill things down as much as a normal fridge that utilizes a compressor.

Because of the way they work, these coolers are also much more susceptible to ambient temperature, which means if you live in a hot country a thermoelectric cooler will be less effective. 

While they are less efficient, they also have many benefits that make them great for wine cooling. Not only are they more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, but thermoelectric coolers produce substantially less noise.

If you want to have your drinks cabinet in your bedroom or living room, you can without having to worry about a constant hum in the background.

Furthermore, without a compressor, thermoelectric coolers don’t vibrate as much which means they won’t disturb the natural sediments in your wine. 

What Is The Best Temperature For Storing Wine?

Different types of wine should ideally be stored at different temperatures for the ideal flavor. You don’t have to be too specific and simply keeping your wine below room temperature and out of the sun will be enough to stop it spoiling.

However, if you want to do things properly here are the perfect storage temperatures for the three main varieties of wine: 

  • Red wine: 55-65°F (12-19°C)
  • White wine: 48-54°F (9-12°C)
  • Sparkling wine: 45-47°F (7-8°C)