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Drake Ramsey

Bartender by night, blogger by day. Welcome to Bar and Drink, where I share my love for cocktails, wine, and bar expertise!

The Rock Tequila Review

So many of us grew up with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson entertaining us as a wrestler, or as an actor. However, we never pictured him as a tequila brand owner. However, by launching his own tequila- Teremana, he expressed his passion for the beverage. Teremana tequila (see also: Teremana Tequila Review)is becoming a well-known brand, …

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Best Canadian Whiskey

Canadians are known for a multitude of things, from maple syrup to hockey. But apart from this, you may not know that the country is famous for its outstanding whisky production (in Canada it is spelled without the “e”).  From 100 percent rye interpretations to budget-friendly blends, there is something for everyone. Canadian whiskey is …

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Best Gin For Negroni

Thanks to its wonderful simplicity and strong, spirited flavors, Negroni has become a classic cocktail, adored by millions. Loved by cocktail drinking veterans and casual bar-goers, Negroni is traditionally made with gin, Campari, and Vermouth. The simple combination is easy to make yet it still packs a punch full of complex flavor, making it a …

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