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The 10 Best Crown Royal Shots To Try

Crown Royal Whiskey is a Canadian brand that is an excellent base for many shots and cocktails. Also known as Seagram’s Crown Royal, the blended whiskey was first introduced to the US market in 1964.

Having humble beginnings has definitely made Crown Royal what it is today. Many bars and clubs stock the famous whiskey, and it is a favorite throughout the country.

These are some recipes for shots that use Crown Royal as the main ingredient. Whether you want to spice up your next party or even have a shot-making competition, this is a great place to get some inspiration. 

Some of these are cocktail-based recipes that use Royal Crown, but they can easily be made into shooters to allow for everyone in your group to get a taste.

Generally, as long as the proportions are kept mostly the same, then you can try different liqueur flavors or even change the spirits added. Of course, a lot of the drink recipes say that they should be served over ice. This just means that they taste best that way, and you can even add ice to the cocktail shaker to maintain that certain element of a chill that improves the flavor. 

It’s essential that you have a good ice maker, cocktail shaker and strainer, and some good-quality liqueurs. These are among other essentials for people wanting to get more creative with their drinks at home.

A lot of drinks use common ingredients, like peach schnapps, or sweet liqueurs. You could even try asking different people for these as a gift for birthdays or Christmas and start building up your collection. Anything like this makes a great gift for someone in your life because it can be rewarding to know how different drinks are made.

Crown Royal Shots To Try

Red Snapper Shot

This is one of the most commonly known shots that features Royal Crown whiskey. Larger amounts of each ingredient can easily be combined to make it more of a cocktail drink than a shooter.

Combine one shot each of Royal Crown, almond liqueur or amaretto, and cranberry juice. Shake in a cocktail shaker to mix, and serve over ice. You can also add an extra shot of cranberry juice to increase the sweetness of the drink. 

Washington Apple Shot 

This drink gets its name from the legend of Washington apple (see also: Washington Apple Shot)orchards having nothing but rotten apples during times of mass illness. Combine around a third of an ounce of each Crown Royal, sour apple schnapps, and cranberry juice.

Shake together in a cocktail maker, and strain over ice. Mix in a splash of 7-up to taste. Of course, to make this more of a shooter, shake together and divide between shot glasses. 

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush gets its name from the consumption of poker players during gambling nights. Shake together cranberry juice, Crown Royal, peach schnapps, and raspberry liqueur or pineapple juice.

The drink is usually consumed in small amounts, so you can easily make these into shots for you and your guests. Whether you are hosting a poker night or any type of game, this is a great drink bound to be enjoyed by all. 

Vegas Bomb

An essential part of the “bomb” experience is dropping a shot into an energy drink. For a more straightforward drink, you could pour the alcoholic element over half-filled shot glasses containing any energy drink such as Red Bull.

Traditionally, Crown Royal and butterscotch liqueur are poured into a shot glass and then the glass is dropped into a larger glass that is half full of any energy drink. Check out our Vegas Bomb recipe here.

Crown The King

This is less of a shooter and more of an experience. Add a shot of Crown Royal to a bottle (see also: How Many Shots in a Bottle?)of Budweiser, and the aim is to chug as fast as possible. This could be a good game for you and your friends. 

Canadian Bull

A classier version of the Rhode Island classic features Crown Royal and your favorite energy drink again. This time, half an ounce of the whiskey is mixed with the same amount of Red Bull in a shot glass. This also offers a slightly different spin on the Vegas bomb. 

Mr. Incredible

Certainly, a drink that will make you feel like Mr. Incredible himself is a caffeinated, sugary combination. Pour 1 ¼ Ounce Royal Crown into your desired glass or glasses, then add 1 ¼ Ounce Monster energy drink, followed by half an ounce of Pepsi cola. 

Water Moccasin

This is a unique tasting shooter that is smooth and light. If you want to make a round that acts as a refresher, this is the one to master. Shake together an Ounce each of peach schnapps, Royal Crown, sweet and sour mix, and a dash of triple sec. Shake with ice until the mixture becomes frothy. Then divide into shot glasses. 

Jack The Ripper

A sweet-yet-subtle taste is achieved with this drink that is commonly found in cocktail form but can easily be adjusted to suit shot glasses.

To your cocktail shaker, add a lot of ice, 2 ½ Ounces Royal Crown whiskey, and ¾ Ounce butterscotch schnapps. Shake until well combined, and strain into a brandy glass, or divide between shot glasses. 

Black Tooth 

This is purely a shot made for aesthetic purposes. Fill a shot glass with Crown Royal and add a dash of Pepsi to make a black appearance to the shooter. Similar additions of this include cherry liqueur or more Pepsi to taste. Although it will definitely be an effective shot due to the high alcohol content. 

To summarize, there are many combinations that have been developed to create a series of different cocktails and shooters. Royal Crown is a very versatile base for drinks that you can be creative with.

Why not invest in some good quality whiskey and try experimenting with flavors and ratios for your next party or night in with friends. You might even find that you have a hidden talent for bartending. Wow the crowds, your friends, and your family with your newfound skills and enjoy a new creative outlet. 

Final Thoughts

While most of these Crown Royal shots are easy enough to take down on their own, you may decide you want to have a chaser on hand! If that’s you, head on over to our list of the best chasers for whiskey next.