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The Best Bourbon Bloody Mary Recipes

It’s fair to say that a Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail! From gin to tequila there are so many variations of a Bloody Mary. 

Are you a fan of a Bloody Mary but you’re looking to shake things up a little bit? Maybe you’re also a fan of whiskey? 

Why not try a Bourbon Bloody Mary… This awesome twist on the classic cocktail offers spice and bitterness in all the right places. Let us show you what you’ve been missing out on. Here are the top recipes to make the most delicious Bourbon Bloody Mary cocktail.

Best Bourbon Bloody Mary Recipes

Barbecue Bourbon Bloody Mary | The Gorgeous Kitchen

The Gorgeous Kitchen takes putting a twist on a classic Bloody Mary, to the next level! This recipe offers a balanced combination of flavors of tangy tomatoes with salty bits of sliced grilled bacon, fresh celery, and a couple of dashes of tabasco. 

What really makes this cocktail stand out is the addition of barbecue sauce bourbon whiskey. This addition in combination with the rest of the flavors really takes the barbecue Bourbon Bloody Mary to the next level. 

This cocktail is super easy to make taking only 5 minutes to put together and the recipe is enough to make one glass. 

Bourbon Bloody Mary | Southern Living 

What’s better than finishing off a meal with a punchy and refreshing cocktail. Southern Living takes things up a notch by offering a classic Bloody Mary recipe with a hefty Southern upgrade… their Bourbon Bloody Mary. 

Only including a couple of ingredients, this recipe is really simple and easy to make. Though delicious, this cocktail is not for the faint of heart with a slightly unconventional twist. This cocktail makes for a deliciously tangy and spicy beverage with plenty of hot sauce and bourbon to form the base of the spices. 

Though quick to prepare, this recipe requires 4 hours of chilling time. This is plenty of time to allow you to get on with your day and look forward to coming back to a cool refreshment.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your Bourbon Bloody Mary, to really top it off you can add some extra garnish for pizzazz! The added garnish could be anything from the traditional stick of celery to a wedge of lime or some pitted olives, the options are endless. The garnish is something you can really get creative with to wow your guests. 

Bourbon Bloody Mary | Maker’s Mark 

Makers’ Mark offers a sweet and savory riff on the classic Bloody Mary. Their combination of ingredients will leave you wanting more. This recipe contains a bold boost of bourbon mellowed by sweet tomato juice and complemented by a salt, pepper, and paprika mix. 

There’s nothing more refreshing than this combination of well-rounded flavors. This is a great choice of cocktail for cooling down in the heat during summer. 

To really blow this cocktail out of the water, Maker’s Mark suggests adding a unique garnish of cheese and cured hams to really make it stand out. This is a great recipe to offer at a party, it’ll surely leave your guest wondering what just hit them. 

“The Bloody Widow” – Bourbon Bloody Mary | Hungry Lobbyist

The Hungry Lobbyist really pulls out all of the stops with this Bourbon Bloody Mary recipe. This is the ultimate brunch cocktail offering a zesty, tangy, and spicy refreshment that will really make you jolt. 

The Hungry Lobbyists concoction offers savory and rich flavors with oaky undertones. Loaded with character and punchy flavor, this cocktail will leave you wondering why you hadn’t thought of it before.

What gives this recipe its extra edge is; the glass rimmed with a wedge of lemon for extra zest, the garnish of pickle spear, the fresh stalk of celery, and the crispy grilled bacon.

This recipe offers additional garnish alternatives that work just as well. They suggest trying this recipe with cocktail shrimp, olives, and even fried chicken wings. Once you’ve started, there really is no going back. This is truly a great recipe to play around with. 

Bloody Marianne – Bourbon Bloody Mary | Take Two Tapas 

Take Two Tapas offer a classy twist in the classic Bloody Mary. This recipe is elegant and beautifully presented making it a great choice for a cocktail party. 

This cocktail offers maximum flavor loaded with ingredients with depth. Take Two Tapas’ twist on a classic Bloody Mary is made using bourbon (which is really the star of the show), combined with extra spicy jalapenos and a secret ingredient of sun-dried tomatoes for a little added sweetness and acidity. These flavors come together to make a delightfully smooth and balanced beverage. 

To finish it all off, this cocktail uses premium garnish ingredients of goats cheese stuffed olives and sundried tomatoes. This garnish really is a crowd-pleaser as it makes for a fancy presentation and not to mention works perfectly with the flavors of the cocktail. This recipe makes two cocktails and only takes 5 minutes to make!


So there you have it, the best Bourbon Bloody Mary recipes. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back!

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