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Best Blue Curaçao

Curaçao is a highly popular liqueur with a unique orange-based taste thanks to the way in which it is created, made with the dried peel of a bitter fruit known as the orange laraha.

Orange laraha is a citrus fruit that can be found on the island of Curaçao- where the liqueur gets its name-, a Dutch island just off the coast of Venezuela.

Curaçao is a liqueur that has several different forms, though one of its most well-known iterations is blue curaçao.

Blue curaçao has a distinctive look thanks to its bright blue coloring, which is usually obtained via the use of blue food dye.

The fragrant taste and the vibrant blue color make it an excellent choice when it comes to a drink to use as a base for cocktails.

It’s also a showstopper in shots and drinks like the kamikaze shot, electric lemonade, and sex in the driveway.

That being said, blue curaçao can easily be used as a standalone drink to be consumed straight or as a tasty addition to non-alcoholic beverages, such as lemonade or orange juice, to make for a delicious drink.

There are also a wide variety of blue curaçao syrups available, should you want to make a mocktail- or enhance a cocktail – that has a slightly sweeter taste (and that isn’t quite as pricey too!).

The alcoholic content of blue curaçao isn’t typically that high, due to it being a drink that is suggested to be used by being mixed in with other drinks.

This also makes it a great choice for those who aren’t a fan of particularly strong alcohol content in their drinks.

We are going to be running through some of the best brands of blue Curaçao that are on the market as well as some of the best blue Curaçao syrups so that you can make a start of some deliciously tropical cocktails!

As well as that, we will then be going through a handy buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice if you are looking to get your hands on some blue curaçao. Let’s get started.

Our Best Blue Curaçao Reviews

Boulaine Blue Curaçao

Boulaine is a well-known alcohol brand that offers tons of different drinks, including a take on blue curaçao.

The Boulaine Blue Curaçao blends fresh tropical violets with those aforementioned orange laraha peels to create a wonderful take on the drink that would be excellent for making your own blue margaritas.

The Boulaine take on the blue curaçao drink has an ABV (alcohol by volume) level of 15%, making it perfect for use as a mixer but also as a standalone drink that won’t be too strong.

Arrow Blue Curaçao

Much like Boulaine, Arrow is also a popular brand when it comes to spirits, and its take on blue curaçao is also one of the best.

There is a reason that they are one of the best-selling lines in America!

The Arrow Blue Curaçao also has an ABV of 15%, making it a great option as a mixer, to be consumed straight or to add to some juice for a little bit of a kick to your beverage on a summer day.

Llord’s Blue Curaçao

The Llord’s Blue Curaçao mixture is made of various spirits combined with that bitter orange laraha peel as well as a few herbs that have been thrown in there too.

This offers a slightly different flavor, but one that is equally delicious. Much like the drinks we have discussed so far, this is another option that would work great as a base for cocktails.

The addition of herbs makes this one a little different, offering an extra burst of flavor that could spice up a cocktail super easily as well as add some depth.

Again, this blue curaçao also has an ABV of 15%

DuBouchett Blue Curaçao

Du Bouchett is a traditional liqueur and cordial brand that prides itself on offering only natural fruits and flavorings in their drinks, and their take on blue curaçao is no exception.

Made with natural orange peel, the Du Bouchett brand is another that offers an ABV of 15% and a drink that would work splendidly as the main ingredient to mix into a cocktail.

Kavlana Blue Curaçao

Gorgeously fruity with a distinctive citrus taste thanks to the all-important orange laraha peel, the Kavlana brand of blue curaçao is the perfect choice for creating a wide variety of tropical drinks.

Allen’s Blue Curaçao

For a choice of blue curaçao that is a little bit stronger when it comes to alcoholic content, the Allen’s Blue Curaçao is an excellent choice as it has double the ABV content on the other brands of the drink that we have discussed so far.

Whilst most of these blue curaçao brands have a 15% ABV, Allen’s boasts a 30% ABV.

This would make this version of the drink perfect for those who want a bit of an extra bite with their blue curaçao.

DeKuyper Blue Curaçao Liqueur

DeKuyper is another well-known alcohol brand and their Blue Curaçao liqueur is unique in that it blends extracts of both oranges and lemons as well as peels from the lahara fruit.

This gives a strong citrus burst to the flavor, but it manages to avoid becoming too bitter thanks to the balancing sweetness that runs throughout the drink.

This is also slightly higher in alcoholic content in comparison to some other brands of blue curaçao, with an ABV of 24%.

Mr Boston Blue Curaçao

The Mr Boston Brand is another well-known alcohol brand, having been around since 1935!

Their take on blue curaçao is just as high a quality as their other spirits, featuring that classical orange flavor that mixes both the bitterness and sweetness of the orange peel beautifully.

The Mr Boston Blue Curaçao has an ABV of 15%, making it another choice with relatively low alcohol content.

Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur

A beautiful orange liqueur created in the Loire Valley in France, the Giffard Blue brand is a stronger choice with an ABV of 25%.

This choice captures the one-of-a-kind taste that the bitter orange peels offer and combines it with a brilliant, azure blue coloring to create a drink that is perfect for summer cocktails.

Giffard Liqueurs are specifically designed for cocktail creation, made to enhance whichever cocktail you choose to create. This makes Giffard Blue Curaçao the perfect option if you plan on making tons of different tropical cocktails with your blue curaçao.

Leroux Blue Curaçao Liqueur

The Leroux brand of blue curaçao is just as sweet as is to be expected with this kind of orange liqueur, but it is a little different in that it has some additional ingredients to heighten the flavor.

It contains elements of lemon, wine, and sugar in a distilled form, offering more in terms of flavoring whilst still maintaining the traditional parts of what we have come to expect from blue curaçao.

Bols Blue Curaçao Liqueur

The elegant brand that is Bols offers a blue curaçao liqueur that combines the tastes of several kinds of oranges: the classical Lahara range, Valencia oranges, and rare Kinnow oranges.

This offers a refreshing and strong orange taste, but the brand also blends in some herbs to spice up the formula a bit. This is another choice that is a little stronger with the alcohol content, with an ABV of 24%

Hiram Walker Blue Curaçao

A beautiful option that would be excellent as a mixer and as a drink to be consumed straight, the Hiram Walker brand of blue curaçao has a more delicate flavor that would suit those who prefer a more subtle taste to their orange liqueur.

It also has an ABV of 15%, which is around the average amount in relation to the other blue curaçao drinks we have looked at.

Charles Regnier Blue Curaçao

Although it is usually the curaçao fruit that is used in this kind of orange liqueur, the Charles Regnier brand utilizes Valencia oranges for a more subtle taste and aroma that does not border on the realms of overpowering or over-acidic that some of the stronger variants of the drink can do for those with a more delicate palette.

Best Blue Curaçao Syrups

Finest Call Blue Curaçao Syrup

Moving on to the non-alcoholic, syrup forms of the orange-infused blue curaçao liqueur, the Finest Call Blue Curaçao syrup is an splendid choice due to its dedication to keeping the flavor intact whilst reducing cost.

This syrup contains natural and essential orange oil extracts and also has that bright blue color, so you don’t need to worry about it being a lesser version of the liqueur itself.

There are no limits to the tropical mocktails that you can create with this blue curaçao syrup!

DaVinci Gourmet Classic Blue Curaçao Syrup

No products found.

The darkness of the blue color within this syrup alternative is an eye-catching feature, but the DaVinci Gourmet choice of blue curaçao syrup also has the classic elements of its alcoholic alternative.

With a tart yet sweet orange flavor and made with only pure sugar cane – no artificial sweeteners – this is the perfect option for mocktails but also a fantastic choice to splash on to a variety of other drinks, such as alcoholic cocktails or soft drinks.

Torani Blue Curaçao Syrup

No products found.

The Torani Blue Curaçao syrup offers a lighter orange flavor that can be used in mocktails or cocktails, making it perfect for those who enjoy a softer taste of orange with their curaçao.

Monin Blue Curaçao Syrup

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Known for the authentic flavorings in their products, Monin offers a silky smooth blue curaçao syrup that is non-alcoholic- like the other syrups on this list- whilst also being organic.

If that isn’t enough for you, the Monin brands of syrups are also kosher-friendly, halal-friendly, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, making it a perfect option to get that orange taste without the alcohol (or with it if you want to add it to an alcoholic beverage) if you have specific dietary requirements.

1883 Routin Blue Curaçao Syrup

No products found.

This choice is an all-natural orange syrup that can easily be added to a cocktail or used to create a mocktail. There are no preservatives and no artificial flavorings, meaning that there is no cholesterol and no fat involved!

The 1883 Routin syrups are created in the French Alps and are flash pasteurized to ensure maximum freshness.

Liquor Quik Blue Curaçao Essence Syrup

No products found.

Don’t let the name of this syrup fool you!

There isn’t actually any alcohol in this syrup but Liquor Quik is a brand that specializes in syrups to be used with alcohol-based beverages, making it the perfect addition to a tropical cocktail.

You can even add some to a blue curaçao alcoholic drink to increase that juicy and sweet orange tang.

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that you need to know before you decide on which blue curaçao is best for you.


Always establish your budget first! This is obviously an important factor in pretty much every decision that we make in our lives, but alcohol is often a treat and with treats, it can sometimes be very easy to overspend before you even know it.

Consider exactly what you are looking for in a blue curaçao and organize your budget accordingly around your decision.


Knowing the ABV and the proof of your beverage is an essential factor to consider when buying any alcoholic drink. Everyone has a different alcohol tolerance, so make sure you know exactly what yours is before making your purchase.

If you know that others are likely to be consuming this alcohol too, find out their tolerance and perhaps opt for a lower ABV and proof if you know that your guests are not big drinkers.

The last thing you want in a situation with guests is for them to feel like there is nothing available for them to drink!

You also don’t want to overdo it yourself, so know your limits and make sure that the blue curaçao that you choose has an ABV and proof that reflects this.

Blue curaçao tends to have a low ABV, but there are certain brands that are stronger than others, so checking all the details before purchasing is essential.

A Non-Alcoholic Option

Mocktails are a great choice for those who don’t drink alcohol, and the blue curaçao syrups that we have discussed here are a great way to create a flavorsome blue curaçao based mocktail that will have a similar taste to the alcoholic version of the drink.

These syrups are also great to be added to a wide variety of other drinks too – such as soda, juice, or an alcoholic beverage.

They are an excellent choice if you know you have non-drinkers attending a get-together that you are hosting.

Ingredient Check

Oranges and their peels are the main ingredients for blue curaçao but there are some variations of the formula that include other fruits, such as lemons.

Make sure to check exactly what flavor your chosen blue curaçao is offering, just in case you would rather stick purely to an orange aroma and flavor rather than any other fruits.

Be Responsible

We know that this is a given, but it is also something that needs to be said no matter who you are!

When you are planning on buying and consuming alcohol, always drink responsibly. Know your limits and do not exceed them. Be safe and be responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Blue Curaçao Made?

As we mentioned before, curaçao is a beverage that is made from the dried peel of the orange laraha fruit, though different brands will change the formula in different ways such as by including different kinds of oranges, different fruits, and the flesh of oranges as well as the peel.

The laraha fruit is soaked in alcohol and water for a few days.

The peel is then removed and placed into a burlap sack where spices are added in with alcohol, which is derived from sugar cane.

After a day, water will be added and the distillation process begins (it takes about three days).

Curaçao is naturally colorless, but it will be artificially colored to create that gleaming blue exotic nature that makes curaçao based cocktails so popular.

What Is The Alcohol Content Of Blue Curaçao?

This will vary from brand to brand- and many of the brands we have looked at here today have a relatively low ABV- but it usually varies from around 15% to 40%.

It is important to check the ABV before you decide on which blue curaçao drink you want to go with and make your decision based on your personal preferences when it comes to the strength of the alcoholic content in your beverage.

Where Does Blue Curaçao Originate?

Curaçao is a tropical island that is a Dutch-owned island that can be found in the Caribbean Sea, close by to Aruba and Venezuela.

The climate is sunny and dry with clear blue seas, so as idyllic a tropical island as you can imagine! The actual founder of the curaçao drink as a whole is actually a mystery.

There are references that can be found in regard to the various colors of curaçao from the early 1920s, but there are no specific names as to who this person was.

The idea of colorful curaçao became a sensation, with blue becoming a highly popular choice. Why blue was the color that rose to fame is also a mystery.

That being said, when you look at the gorgeous and exotic look that a shining blue curaçao cocktail can have, it isn’t much of a surprise that this is the color that took off.

The blue curaçao as a drink became even more popular in the 1960s thanks to the Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii, which was named after the cocktail that can be created with the drink.

Blue curaçao has a vast but somewhat mysterious beginning, making it one of the more fascinating beverage origin stories.