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Blanton’s Review

Blanton’s always brings a powerful, elite name for whiskey drinkers. Despite how its MSRP is not extreme, it is not typically available in retail outlets.

It is not an impossible find, however, it is easier to procure in secondary markets where the price is typically 3 or even 4 times the MSRP.

The demand for Blanton’s is rather high, and it is continually building its popularity.

The distillery for this bourbon resides in Frankfurt, Kentucky, and is made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

It is produced by the Sazerac Company, but they do not retain ownership, as the ownership belongs to Age International, a murky Japanese holding company.

The age is not listed, yet, rather determined by the master distiller on a case-by-case basis.

The one thing we know for sure, though, is that the proof is a solid 93, or 45.6% ABV.

It has a mysterious background, making it even more endearing. This is a beverage to die for, and we cannot wait to tell you why.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Let’s take a look at its history first.

The Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon (see also: Blanton’s Bourbon Review)has a storied history, tying together many namesakes of the Buffalo Trace distillery.

Originally, Colonel Albert B. Blanton was the president of the George T. Stagg Bourbon Distillery, which is also now known as the Buffalo Trace Distillery, until 1952.

Until then, Elmer T. Lee worked under Blanton, as Lee neared his retirement, he decided he wanted to bring about one last product. This was the Single Barrel Bourbon, he named it Blanton’s after the late Colonel.

As it was taken from the middle sections of Buffalo Trace’s Warehouse H, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon was once designed only for ambassadors, dignitaries, and the family and friends of Colonel Blanton.

However, then, in 1984, Blanton’s Bourbon became the first ever bottled single (see also: Best Single Bottle Wine Chillers – Our Reviews and Guide)barrel bourbon to be sold commercially.

What You Need To Know

As is with any drink like this, there is much to know before you try. Any high-priced beverage is worth researching before you buy.

Every whiskey and every bourbon will have unique flavors, tastes, and smells, which is why it is worth knowing what you are getting into before you purchase something like this.

It will have its own unique nose, palate, and finish, not only is the history unique but the drink itself presents a horde of unique features that make it, its own.

For those who may not traditionally pay out for a bourbon, let us tell you what to expect should you decide to buy Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.


The first thing you will do as you approach this unique bourbon is look at it.

In the bottle, it has a glamorous oak coloring, accompanied by a burnt orange highlight. In the glass it retains the coloring, demonstrating a noticeable thickness.

If you give it a gentle swirl, you will see slow-forming beads, which vary in their timing on descending, leaving long legs behind.

This bourbon has a classic bourbon aesthetic, look, and coloring Even the bottle heightens its allure. The bottom is shaped in a unique form, and its pattern is also unique.

Alongside a classic font of the script, there is nothing streamlined about this bourbon, it is unique from the last drop of liquid to the finest details of the bottle.

There is one even more unique feature that the bottle has, you should always save the stopper on top. There are a total of eight, and they each include a letter.

The most elusive of these is the letter ‘S’ which means that the race is finished with a victory. If you manage to get all 8, this is definitely a unique feat.


Now that you have admired the bottle and color of this beautiful bourbon, it is time to do the sniff test. See how it tingles your sinuses.

It introduces itself to you with a drying and pungent effect. You will get a sudden, distinct oak, however, this will fade into a broader wood profile.

Next, you will be brought a red cherry scent, mixed in with hints of raspberry, that gives it a mild bitterness.

Within all this is a dark dull brown leather that leads to a wonderful Madagascar vanilla bean bloom.

You will find unavoidable piercing tinges of peppermint slightly jabbing at your nostrils, before dissipating.

The nose of this bourbon is very unique, it is varied, layered, smooth, and complex.

You will find yourself surprised, and intrigued with the twists and turns it provides. The profile of this bourbon is both classic but also intriguing to the senses.


Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon makes an announcement as it enters your mouth.

It comes in upfront with a smoky cloud that wafts its way through and reveals a unique fortified iron essence underneath.

As these tones start to fade away, it is replaced by slow yet pungent molasses.

It is not alone though, it is joined by a mild spice that will gain prominence in the tastes of coriander with black peppercorn.

Toward the end of this flavor, you may get a tinge of clover and sweet corn to surprise you.

As it slowly meanders through this array of unique and surprising flavors, it is easy but alert, and calm but confident.

It is a perfect balance that is not aggressive, but instead a pleasant journey through a mirage of flavors, that happily balance each other out like Ying and Yang.


Finally, we are faced with the finish. The earlier mild space you tasted begins to strengthen. Although it leans toward a stronger ginger profile this time.

Beyond this, it moves onto butterscotch that at first dominates your taste buds, however, then it slowly fades and lingers at the back of your mouth.

This sweetness is how it fades to an end, leaving a gentle silkiness behind that leaves you hungry for more. It is satisfying, and when you are done with your drink, gives you a pleasant exit from the experience.

How To Drink

You can drink this bourbon on ice, or neat. If you should decide to add some ice, or even a splash of water, you will unlock a new Blanton’s bourbon achievement and get granted a syrupy and decadent orange flavor, one you will not soon forget.

A citrus profile does not actually accompany it, instead, this orange flavor is much more candied than it is fruity, making it sweet.

Should you feel daring, you could also introduce a Graham cracker (not to dunk!) to nibble on as you drink, bringing about a rotundity to your beverage.

We definitely recommend drinking Blanton’s while listening to some slow jazz and allowing each note to resonate throughout your body, both music and beverage, tied together in one epic experience.

If you need a drink to relax your soul, this is it!

As far as food goes, if you fancy pairing your Blanton’s with a dish, anything will go with it. As long as it is classy and timeless, and equally flavorful. A glazed duck spread with orange marmalade certainly matches the flavors of Blanton’s.


Up until just a few years ago, it was actually rather easy to buy a bottle of Blanton’s any time, whenever you fancied it.

However, today, you would not be wrong to think that Blanton’s is one of the hardest bourbons to buy in America.

Over time, its position has been elevated to one of the hottest bourbons in the market, with stores being bombarded on a daily basis and people talking about it as if it is the best bourbon ever invented.

While it is definitely popular, one would be sensible to question if people understand what it really is that makes Blanton’s unique, and why that uniqueness does limit its potential overall.

Of course, you cannot fault the king of single barrel bourbon for having a place in people’s hearts.

With each bottle adorning a topper that displays an individual letter and a horse in a different race pose, some bottles may even be housed inside a colored felt bag and a fancy box. The brand itself just feels really special.

The uniqueness is the consistency though, despite all the glitz and glam, this is where it really sings.

Blanton always delivers a consistently solid pour every year, never the best, and never ever close to the worst. This is the special factor about Blanton’s, that others just cannot live up to.

To Conclude

Blanton’s holds a sort of mystery around it, due to its quality and its elusiveness. Perhaps these two factors raise each other up, making this bourbon one of the most sought-after in the country.

It is not the best, but it is far from the worst, and its interesting flavors and solid consistency are a massive selling point for most bourbon enthusiasts.

Every aspect of this bourbon presents itself with a flirty classiness that you cannot turn away from. Feel free to try it and see if it sings to your heart too.