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Blanton’s Bourbon Review

Blanton’s Bourbon has been around since the 1980s, but has recently seen a large resurgence in popularity. This product was first sold in Japan as one of the first single malt whiskey’s available to buy.

These days, it can be very difficult to come across a bottle of Blanton’s on the store shelves, and this scarcity has only enhanced the drink’s popularity. In this review, we will be looking at Blanton’s (see also: Blanton’s Review)bourbon to tell you about its history and whether or not it lives up to the hype. 

Where Does Blanton’s Bourbon Come From?

Produced by the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky Blanton’s bourbon was originally made by Elmer T Lee, and was one of the first single malt bourbons to be sold around the globe.

Elmer named the bourbon after his old boss, Colonel Blanton, who worked in every position at the distillery during his time there until finally working his way up to the position of president.

The colonel kept Buffalo Trace running even during the great depression and prohibition, when he was one of the few distillery owners who obtained a license for brewing medical grade whiskey. 

Blanton’s Bourbon was made in 1984s, and was one of the last whiskey’s Elmer would ever produce. It was first sold in Japan and eventually found worldwide success. In 2013 the company started to allocate specific barrels to certain shops to keep up with their ever-growing customer base.

Unfortunately, supply was not able to meet the increasing demand and since 2016 Blanton’s bourbon has become very difficult to find anywhere other than online and at whiskey auctions.  

What Does It Taste Like? 

Blanton’s has a very classic bourbon taste, made up of several flavors that work together to produce a strong but smooth corn whiskey.

There are a few different aspects that make up the overall taste of any alcoholic drink, and we will be breaking it down into the smell, initial taste and the aftertaste. 


When you open a bottle of Blanton’s, you will be stuck by the beautiful aroma of honey, and citrus. There are subtle notes of the charred wooden barrel that each batch of bourbon is brewed in, as well as a deep caramel edge.

This blend of delicious scents makes the perfect preface to every sip and prepares your tongue for the unique flavors that are combined in this drink. 

Initial taste 

Each sip of this bourbon has an initially sweet taste that is due, in part, to the high rye content of the mash bill. Caramel, honey, and brown sugar all combine to make a sweet whiskey that is very pleasant to sip.

There is a slightly spicy element that combines with the taste of oak char to add depth and counterbalance the sweetness. Since this is a 93 proof bourbon it has a reasonably high alcohol content which somewhat mutes the aforementioned flavors.

However, this doesn’t stop every mouthful from being smooth, sweet and very delicious. 


After you swallow the whiskey, you will be left with the taste of caramel, leather and charred oak. These are all the types of flavors you would expect from a bourbon, but there is also a strong, spicy heat left lingering on the tongue, which sets Blanton’s apart from the rest.

Overall, the aftertaste is subtle and tasty enough to make your next sip practically irresistible. 

What Is It Made From? 

Blanton’s is a single barrel bourbon, which means that each batch come from its own unique charred oak cask rather than a blend of multiple different barrels. As such, there are subtle differences in flavor between each batch, which makes every bottle unique in its own way. 

The mash bill is the combination of grains used to make a specific alcoholic beverage. While the mash bill for Blanton’s is a carefully guarded secret, the company has confirmed it is a #2 bill.

This means the bourbon has a high rye content, which lends it a sweeter taste. Just like any other bourbon, Blanton’s is made from at least 51% corn and matured is in a charred oak barrel. 

Finally, this is a 93 proof alcohol, which means it has an alcohol content of 46.5%. While this isn’t the strongest bourbon on the market, it still packs a hefty punch that offers a very satisfying drinking experience. 

The Bottle

Blanton’s Bourbon

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One of the best parts of Blanton’s bourbon is the bottle itself, which is a stout, grenade-shaped lattice that catches the light perfectly. This bottle is wrapped in a paper label inscribed with information about where the drink comes from and what it contains.

There is a wax seal around the lid, which is very traditional and adds to the vintage charm of this whiskey. 

The crowning glory though is the stopper made from cork, which is topped with a small metal horse racer. There are eight different variations of this lid, one for each of the letters in Blanton’s, which encourages you to buy more bottles, so you can collect them all.

The racer on horse back is an excellent nod to Kentucky’s history with this sport and firmly asserts Blanton’s heritage as a premium product from the original Bourbon County. 

Is It Worth It? 

Is It Worth It?

Blanton’s bourbon used to be widely available to purchase in shops across the United States, but has since become much harder to find. Bottles are now sold for anywhere between $69 and $165, which is a considerable price to pay for bourbon.

However, if you are willing to spend the cash, this bourbon is very deserving of its reputation and offers a unique smooth drink. 

Not only do you get a delicious bourbon, but you also get a beautiful bottle with a collectable metal stopper that you can keep as a memento. While this may be a drink for serious collectors only, you certainly won’t regret adding it to your drinks cabinet.

If you are keen to try this bourbon then you can buy it online from websites like Amazon, and Drizly.


Although it is expensive and devilishly difficult to find, Blanton’s is a classic bourbon that delivers on its reputation with every sip.

Its delicious, sweet flavor makes it a great choice for anyone looking to try Kentucky whiskey for the first time, provided they can get hold of a bottle.

The actual bottle itself is the icing on the cake, and you after you try Blanton’s, you may be tempted to try and collect all eight of the different stoppers. 

In conclusion, if you ever get the chance to try this bourbon, then it is not an opportunity to be passed up. While there are other drinks out there that also taste good and are more accessible, none can quite compare to this prestigious brand. 


  • Each batch has its own unique flavor. 
  • A sweet and palatable bourbon that packs a punch in every sip. 
  • Beautiful bottle with authentic paper label and wax seal. 
  • 8 different collectable stoppers. 


  • Expensive. 
  • It can be very difficult to find a bottle. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Does Bourbon Differ From Whiskey? 

Bourbon is a specific type of Whiskey which has to be made from at least 51% corn. Other common ingredients include barley and rye, and the exact combination of these grains will determine whether the bourbon is dark or sweet in taste.

In order to be classified as a bourbon, the whiskey also need to be made in the United States and be matured in a barrel made from charred oak for at least two years. 

What Is The Mash Bill Of A Bourbon?  

The mash bill refers to the specific blend of grains used to make a bourbon. The mash bill for Blanton’s is kept a secret by the company, although it is a #2 bill, which means it has a high rye content. This is one of the things that gives Blanton’s bourbon it’s distinctly sweet flavor. 

Is Blanton’s Bourbon Discontinued? 

Blanton’s bourbon is very difficult to find in liquor stores across the United States, and if you do see one, it is likely to have a heft price tag attached. Although it is rare, this bourbon is still manufactured and there are several reasons for its scarcity.

One of these reasons is that Blanton’s is a single barrel bourbon, and the company prepares it in reasonably small batches to achieve their signature high quality. This means that supply outweighs demand and many bottles are bought up before they can reach shelves in the shops.

What Is The Rarest Edition Of Blanton’s Bourbon?

The Buffalo Trace distillery have brewed many special editions of Blanton’s bourbon over the year. While any bottle of this whiskey is hard to come by, some of these special bottles are even rarer.

The most difficult bottle to find is ‘Blanton’s Original Single Barrel, Gold Edition’. Other notable runs from this company include Blanton’s black and Blanton’s Red Takara editions.

If you manage to come across a bottle of the above, then you are in for a real Kentucky treat, or you could keep them to sell on in the future should you wish.