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Best Chasers For Tequila

If you have ever heard the word Tequila being shouted from across the bar then you will know that what comes to follow can be a very difficult task for most people, unless you are an absolute lover of Tequila in general.

Though if you are worried that Tequila will always be your downfall then luckily for you you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best chasers for Tequila. For those that don’t know, a chaser is what you immediately consume after taking your shot of Tequila(see also: Tequila Shot).

There isn’t a perfect answer to what the best chaser actually is because taste is obviously a subjective thing. In fact you may even find that the taste of Tequila can actually be quite nice and that you don’t actually need to follow it up with anything.

But most people do.

Obviously you can stick to the classic of just lime and salt afterwards but even that can make people squirm a little bit.

There are many options you could take to follow up your shot of Tequila to make it a much nicer tasting thing for you to consume.

Like mentioned above there are plenty of options that you can choose from that can reduce the intensity of the Tequila that you are drinking.

But again you don’t need a chaser for your Tequila but it is often more enjoyable if you do in fact follow it but with a smoother tasting drink. So with that being said, let’s get started.

Best Chaser For Tequila

Dole Fruit Bowls Mixed Fruit

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Fruit juice is used in lots of different cocktails, the reason for this is because it can often mask the not so pleasant parts of the alcohol.

Alcohol can be a very acquired taste so blending it with something that is fruitier will often make it a much nicer drink.

So it comes as no surprise that using this as a chaser will make the Tequila drinking a much smoother process for you.

These can often be a healthier replacement than chasing your tequila with something like lemonade so if that is an important aspect of your drinking routine then you may find that fruit juice is the answer to your prayers.

They will remove the intensity of the Tequila which we have all felt before and make it a much easier drink for you to keep down, which is one of the more important parts of drinking alcohol.

You will also have lots of different flavors to choose from so you don’t have to stick to just one flavored fruit juice that may not be your ideal choice.

But fruit juice really is one of the best choices in terms of a chaser for Tequila due to the fact that it can really reduce that feeling you get at the back of your throat after taking a shot of it.


  • Will make the Tequila smoother
  • Many different flavors to choose from
  • Can be a healthy substitute


  • May not be the perfect solution for everyone if they don’t enjoy juice.

Orange Juice

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This time we are speaking specifically about orange juice and not any other flavor of juice.

The reason for this is because it will be able to mask the flavor of the Tequila if that is something that is holding you back from being able to do shots (see also: Tequila Sunrise Shot)of Tequila with your friends.

The acid of the orange juice will work as the perfect counterbalance of the Tequila making it a much more enjoyable experience for you to partake in.

Orange juice can also be used for a number of different alcoholic drinks such as vodka. Chasing with OJ makes the shot essentially taste like a tequila sunrise or a screwdriver.

The sweetness of the orange juice will ensure that the Tequila is essentially silent in terms of a lasting taste and can actually make the consumption just much easier for you to handle.

For that reason orange juice really is one of the best chasers to use when you will be drinking Tequila on a more regular basis.


  • Will mask the flavor of Tequila
  • Can be used with other Alcoholic beverages as a mixer
  • Will make the Tequila less bitter


  • Can cause you to feel gassy

Organic Lemonade

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The reason for this being such a good chaser for tequila is that it will complement the flavors used to craft Tequila without overpowering it.

If you are someone that considers themselves a bit of a Tequila connoisseur then you will know that sometimes it isn’t the taste of the Tequila that you’re trying to get rid of.

It’s the burning sensation that it can cause. Organic lemonade will work great with a cheaper Tequila but also a Tequila that has been aged.

The smoothness of Organic Lemonade is the perfect substitute for lime and salt without ruining the taste. It works in the same way that orange juice will work.

The sweetness will counteract the bitterness of the Tequila which can often be the peoples main problem with drinking it on a regular basis.

Though Lemonade can be quite high in calories due to the sweetness such as other drinks of the same kind.

So perhaps if drinking something that is lower in calories then Organic Lemonade may not work perfectly to chase up Tequila for you.

That being said, the sweetness will sort some of the other issues that you are faced with when drinking Tequila.


  • Will complement the flavor of Tequila
  • A good substitute for lime and salt
  • Will counteract the bitterness of Tequila


  • Can be high in Calories

Apple Juice

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Again the sweetness of Apple juice can be used to chase Tequila and remove the bitterness that you may be dealing with after consuming a shot of it.

Though Apple juice is a really sweet drink so you may find that it completely overpowers the Tequila in some cases which can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you don’t like about Tequila.

Most issues with Tequila do spring from not being able to handle the taste of it.

Apple juice is also great for keeping you hydrated which is majorly important when drinking alcohol because it will dehydrate you.

Drinking something as strong as Tequila will dehydrate you massively, so it is important that you are able to keep yourself hydrated to remain in some sort of healthy state. It is 88 percent water which makes it the perfect solution to that problem.

There are also many other healthy parts of Apple juice that are made with beneficial compounds from plants.

So if you are also looking for a healthier solution than perhaps some of the other items that have been listed for the best chasers for Tequila then you may be in luck with trying out Apple juice as your perfect follow up drink.


  • Will keep you hydrated
  • The sweetness can counteract the bitterness of the Tequila
  • Is a healthy substitution


  • It may overpower the Tequila if you drink too much of the apple juice.


No products found.

Believe it or not, beer can actually be another great solution for dealing with Tequila, this may sound strange at first because why would you chase alcohol with more alcohol?

Yet more often than not it is something that we as people tend to do, especially if we are on a “big night out” specifically speaking a light lager is the best option if you are going to take this route, such as Corona with a lime in.

This will often counteract the Tequila but in some cases can actually be a great pairing as it helps bring out the flavor of the Tequila.

If you are a lover of the flavors in Tequila then chasing it up with a cold beer can be a really good choice. Though that would be specific beers as some beers will not be able to complement the flavors as much.

If following up your Tequila with Beer sounds like your ideal mixture then you certainly wouldn’t be making yourself look like a fool.

That being said, more alcohol will mean that you become a lot drunker than perhaps mixing it with a non alcoholic drink, so be sure to drink responsibly.


  • Can bring the flavor of Tequila out
  • Can reduce the bitterness of Tequila
  • Can make the Tequila a little smoother without hindering any of the flavor notes produced by it.


  • Will get you drunk a lot quicker because it is alcoholic so will need to be drunk responsibly.

Buyer’s Guide


The acid that you will find in some of the above listed products while they can make you feel a little gassy will be able to counteract some of the unwanted burning sensation that Tequila can cause.

The burning sensation is one thing that most people will agree on. It is the least liked aspect of drinking Tequila.

For that reason counteracting that sensation by following up the shot of Tequila with juice that has high Acid levels.

That being said acidy drinks can cause excess gas which can be very unwanted when you are drinking because you will find that you have plenty of excess gas building in your system.

This is an unfortunate reality of drinking alcohol and something that is in many ways unavoidable, so if you intend on following your tequila up with a drink that is high in acid beware that you may find yourself making a few trips back and forth to the bathroom.


The sweetness aspects of what you use to chase Tequila can often be a massive help in regards to consuming it.

The sweetness will often overpower the sensations that Tequila can create making it a much easier drink for you to consume, that being said if you are a person who enjoys the taste of Tequila and don’t want it to be completely overpowered by what you chase the drink with you may find that you may want to look in another direction for a drink to follow up your Tequila with.

For example Beer, like stated above. You don’t want something that is overly sweet but you will want something that is able to complement some of the flavors and reduce the unwanted aspects like the burning.

For that reason the sweetness of something has to be considered when deciding on what you want to use to chase your alcohol with.


The flavor is again one of the most important aspects that you will need to consider when you are looking for the best chaser for your Tequila, obviously some flavors will be more complimentary than others.

This depends on what flavored tequila that you are using and what flavored chaser you are using as well. Your chaser could be a mix in from one of your favorite tequila cocktails.

Some flavors will overpower the Tequila so if that is something that you want to avoid then it is important that you select a chaser that is flavored in a way that will not overpower it.

If you are drinking perhaps an apple flavored Tequila then you may find that drinking a diluted Apple juice may help egg the flavor of the tequila along while still reducing some of the unwanted aspects of Tequila.

For that reason the flavor of the chaser you use should be considered with a very high importance when it comes time to make your decision on which is the best chaser for Tequila while not hindering the Tequila also.


If remaining a little bit healthy when you go out for a drink is something that is important to you then you should certainly consider the calorie intake of what you are chasing your tequila with, some fruit juices can be very high in sugar so you don’t want to be continuously drinking them.

Many of the above listed products items can be a healthy option for you such as apple juice, but drinks like organic lemonade will be on the unhealthier side so it if you plan on remaining healthy this may not be the best thing for you to consider following up Tequila with.

What Tequila Are You Using

The Tequila that you are drinking is again something you should consider when deciding what to use as a chaser.

There are a handful of different flavored tequilas – depending on what flavored Tequila you are consuming will greatly affect what you want to use to follow it up with for that reason consider the flavor of both of the drinks to get the best out of them.


We’ve mentioned the burning sensation a lot because it is something that is very prominent when drinking Tequila because it is so high in alcohol.

Therefore you would like a Tequila that is able to reduce that sensation and allow it to be consumed in a much easier way.

For that reason you should consider the smoothness of your chaser with high importance as the burning sensation is normally what can put you off drinking Tequila in the first place.

Like mentioned, the burning sensation is just part of the deal when you are drinking Tequila so being able to minimize that as much as you can is a very welcomed feature of what you are using as a chaser.

Many of the juices listed above will be able to achieve this for you without overpowering any of the other parts of the Tequila.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! All of these ideas are some of the best chasers for tequila. At the end of the day, you need to find something that works for you.

Generally speaking, some acidity is good to chase tequila with – but not so much to overpower your taste buds.