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Best Beer Fridge For Your Garage – Our Top Picks & Guide

On a warm or sweltering day, one of the best things you can do is have a refreshingly cool beer. However, keeping your beers cool can be a problem.

This is particularly true when you are working on something in your garage and desire the taste of a delicious beer. 

Fortunately, there are many beer fridges in the market that can be kept in your garage. This will make things much more convenient for you since you can grab a cold beer whenever you feel like it.

To help you find the ideal beer fridge for your garage, we have listed some of the best products available to you. 

Our Best Beer Fridge For Garage Reviews

Colzer Beverage Refrigerator

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This drinks fridge from Colzer will be great for storing beers in your garage. It has a strong yet modern design, with LED lights that make it look really awesome.

It is able to hold lots of beer cans, making it ideal for those who love beer. Moreover, it has advanced features that set it apart from other models, including its thick glass and high-quality compressor. 


  • 3.6 cu.ft capacity – with plenty of space, this fridge can hold loads of beers. As a result, a refreshing can of beer will always be within reach. 
  • Blue LED lights – this function will be great if you are working in a dark garage or if you are hosting a party. These LED lights are not only fictional, but they also look super stylish. 
  • 2 layered glass – this glass will keep your beers cool. It also has been built to resist UV rays. The dual-layered glass will not become foggy, meaning you can easily check what beers you have inside. 
  • Sophisticated compressor unit – thanks to this feature, your beer fridge will be energy efficient. No longer will you have to worry about wasting energy. Additionally, this compressor is designed to vibrate as little as possible, meaning it is very quiet and will not disturb you. 
  • 4 shelves – not only is this fridge capable of holding lots of beer cans but these shelves can be adjusted to fit whatever drinks you want. For example, if you are looking for a sophisticated drink and want to fit a wine bottle in your fridge, you can easily do so. This makes it a versatile product that can adapt to the user’s needs. Furthermore, it has 2 stoppers which have been included to prevent beers from accidentally falling out. 


  • Price – because of its many features, this beer fridge is a bit more expensive than other units on the market. Consequently, it will not be well-suited for those who are shopping with a less substantial budget. 

Koolatron’ Miller Lite Compact Fridge

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Next, the Koolatron beer fridge features a bottle opener that will make your life much easier. It is designed to be small, yet efficient.

It also has a unique aesthetic that will look amazing in your garage. Because of this design and its many features, we have included this item on our list. 


  • Compact design – constructed to be small and compact, this beer fridge is portable and will take up limited space. Despite this, it nonetheless has a good amount of space inside for your various beers. In fact, it has a 3.2 cu.f.t capacity. 
  • Built-in bottle opener – this nifty inclusion is really convenient, as it empowers the user to open bottles without having to find a separate bottle opener. You will no longer have to panic when you need to open a beer bottle. 
  • Temperature dial – with this dial, you can keep your beers at whatever temperature you desire. This can be altered from 28°F to 50°F. 
  • Dispense-A-Can – one of the main selling points of this fridge is this feature. Located on the inside of the door, this dispense-a-can feature can be used to elegantly dispense up to 5 cans. This door is also reversible, meaning you can choose which side it opens. 
  • Bold design – with this large logo printed across the front of this fridge, it will be difficult to miss this Miller Lite beer fridge. Koolatron also offers Coors Light and Modelo varieties, giving the customer the ability to choose a fridge with their favorite beer’s logo. 


  • Maybe a little too small for some – though its lightweight and compact design may be an advantage to some customers, others will consider it a disadvantage. Because of its size, it will not be appropriate for every customer. 

HCK Retro Fridge

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With its retro-inspired look and bold red coloring, this beer fridge will look stunning in your garage. It also has one of the largest capacities of the fridges included on this list, meaning you can fill it up with plenty of beer for your entire garage to enjoy.

In addition, it is also eco-friendly. As a consequence, you do not have to worry about it damaging the environment. 


  • 4.1 cu.ft – if you are a beer-lover, this fridge will be right up your alley. It has a large capacity and can even fit in a whopping 162 cans!
  • Retro design – this smooth vintage look will be the envy of all your friends. The bold red color will make this beer fridge eye-catching. It will seamlessly fit into most garage spaces. It also has a glass front, enabling you to view inside. 
  • R600a refrigerant – this powerful refrigerant is both energy-efficient and friendly for the environment. As a result, you will not have to waste money on unnecessary bills. 
  • 39 dB – this quiet fridge produces only 39 decibels of sound. Consequently, you do not have to be concerned about this fridge distracting you as you work.
  • 4 shelves – these shelves can be moved around, giving you the power to adapt this beer fridge. 


  • Substantial – because of its impressive capacity, this vintage beer fridge from HCK may take up quite a considerable amount of space in your garage. 

Kalamera 24 inch Beverage Refrigerator

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Lastly, this Kalamera is ideal for large garages. This is because it is large enough to hold an incredible 154 cans. Not only this, but it can survive wear-and-tear thanks to its durable construction.

Its design is subtle yet elegant, meaning it will fit into a lot of work settings. Its other distinctive features include its memory and defrosting functions.

Kalamera is a reputable brand that also makes an appearance on our best dual zone wine coolers list – so you know you’re getting a well made product when you go with them.


  • Safety lock – if you want to stop someone from taking your beer, then you are in luck when it comes to this product. It features a safety lock that can prevent unwanted people from getting access to your delicious beer. 
  • LED display – this LED display makes it even easier to control your fridge. This LED not only looks cool but makes it easier to alter the settings of your fridge, including its temperature. 
  • Memory function – if you ever lose power, this fridge is capable of automatically remembering the temperature it was previously set at. As a result, you will not have to worry about manually resetting it. 
  • 154 can capacity – this fridge is great for personal, social, and business use since it can fit such a high quantity of beer cans and other beverages. 
  • Defrosting – every 6 hours, this fridge will automatically defrost itself. This will prevent ice from building up. Because of this, it will be easier to move the 5 shelves around. 


  • Expensive – this beer fridge is more pricey than other models. Due to this, it will only be beneficial for people who plan to use it regularly or in industrial settings, such as garages. Additionally, it will not be suitable for those who are seeking to purchase a beer fridge at the lower end of the standard price range. 

Whynter TBR-185SR Portable Tool Box Refrigerator

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Designed to look like a toolbox, this fridge is ideal for people who love spending lots of time in the garage or if you consider yourself to be a mechanic.

With its vibrant and aesthetically pleasing look, this beer fridge will not look out of place in your garage.

Instead, it should fit right in. Aside from its design, this fridge also has other features that make it an amazing object to own. This includes its safety lock. 


  • Safety lock – to add a bit of security to this item, it comes with a safety lock that will prevent anyone from stealing your precious beers. This will be a particularly desirable feature if you live with children. 
  • Wheel casters – this fridge comes with wheels, meaning it is fully portable. As a result, it is suitable for those that want to be able to move their fridge around with them. If you are attached to this beer fridge, this fridge may be for you. You can also transform this into a stationary beer fridge by locking the wheels. 
  • Cool design – one of the most unique features of this beer fridge is its unique design, which is designed to mimic the appearance of a toolbox. 
  • Durable – if you are looking for a long-lasting beer fridge, this product made from stainless steel is made to be strong. 
  • Temperature control – this beer fridge gives its user the ability to alter its temperature. 


  • 1.8 cu.ft capacity – compared to lots of its rivals, this beer fridge has a much smaller capacity. Therefore, it may not be suitable for those who are looking to keep a large amount of beer cool at any given time. 

Buyer’s Guide

After reading through this guide, you will be in an advantageous position to start shopping. These 5 excellent products will have given you an impression of some of the features to look out for and some of the elements to be wary of when shopping. 

Yet, we suggest that you consider some of the factors that will impact your shopping experience. This is because different products will have different advantages and disadvantages.

To help you, we have outlined some of the main considerations that you will have to think about. Please bear these in mind as you are shopping so that you can locate the ideal beer fridge for your garage. 


Beer fridges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will be a particularly crucial concern if you have a small garage or a large one with limited space.

If so, you may not have the room to fit a large beer fridge into your garage. If this is the case, we advise getting a smaller unit. 

The size of a fridge will also impact whether it can be a tabletop fridge or if it is free-standing. Larger and heavier fridges should not be put on desks or tables, since these could damage the tables or take up too much room.

As a result, you will need to find floor space for them.


Though beer fridges are a worthwhile investment, they can end up being quite expensive. In fact, they can even cost as much as $800. To stop yourself from overspending on a beer fridge, set aside a budget for the amount you are happy to spend.

Though more costly models are likely to be more advanced and contain desirable additional features, you can still find a lot of good units at the lower end of the price range. 


Though this may not be too much of a priority to some, the design of a beer fridge will be important to others. Many customers will want to find a beer fridge that matches the aesthetic or decor of their garage.

They will come in different colors and shapes, which will impact their style. Some will be inspired or influenced by different subjects.

For instance, while the Whynter product is clearly echoing a toolbox in its design, the HCK fridge has gone for a more vintage appearance. 

In terms of design, you should also think about whether you want a glass door or not. Glass doors can be handy since they allow the user to look into their fridge to see what drinks are available. However, these glass doors can quickly fog up.

Therefore, some may consider doors that you cannot see through to be superior. These doors may also be better for security or privacy reasons, as other people will not be able to peep into your fridge. 


The amount of beer that a fridge is capable of holding will be a concern for many consumers. As you may have guessed from this list, there is a wide range of capacities.

Some are capable of holding only a handful of beers while others can store over 100 cans.

If you want a beer fridge that can only contain a few cans of beer, you are better off looking for a smaller model with a lower capacity.

If you want loads of beer cans to be stored in your fridge, these smaller models will not have enough capacity for your needs. This will be important to consider, particularly if you work in a large garage or another setting where a lot of beer is consumed. 

Cooling Capability

Arguably, the primary function of a beer fridge is to keep the beverages inside it cool.

Consequently, you will likely be looking for a beer fridge that can store your beers at cold temperatures.

Some fridges have more advanced cooling capabilities and temperature controls. In fact, many actually give the customer the ability to change the temperature of the fridge. This will enable you to find a temperature that suits you. 


Though fridges are not overly noisy devices, the humming sound that can generate from them can be quite irritating for some people. If you are one of these people, you will likely desire a fridge that makes minimal amounts of noise.

This will be especially the case if you need to concentrate on something in your garage. This humming could become a distraction to you. 


Many people will want their fridges to last for a long time. If so, you should look for one that is made from a strong or robust material, such as steel.

Otherwise, your fridge could be damaged with relative ease. This will be especially important in a garage since there is a lot of heavy equipment present that could damage a weaker beer fridge. 

Best Beer Fridge For Garage FAQ

Can You Store Food In Beer Fridges?

The majority of beer fridges are not designed to also store food. As their name suggests, they are primarily used for beers or other beverages.

You should try to avoid storing food in your beer fridge, since it may not be at the right temperature.

If you can get your fridge to between 37°F and 40°F you can do this if you are desperate or if it is a temporary solution. However, we do not advise keeping your food in beer fridges. 

What Is The Best Temperature For A Beer Fridge?

This will be an entirely personal choice. Some people will want their fridges to be cooler than others. Fortunately, a lot of these products come with temperature settings that enable you to find the right one for you.

Most people will want their beers to be around 40°F and 45°F. Obviously, this will vary from person to person.