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Ritual Zero Proof Review

Everyone enjoys a drink, and it has become such a social norm to consume large quantities of alcohol, that it has contributed to an increased demand for low alcohol alternatives for those times when you can’t drink because you are driving, or have a baby on the way.

Being able to still take part in the ritualistic drinking without worrying about getting drunk has made room in the market for spirit and other liquor alternatives that have the same rich aroma and depth of flavors.

In comparison to other brands of non-alcoholic drinks, there is little on the market that has not been made similarly to regular alcohol and then been through the complicated process of removing the alcohol from the drink.

There is also often a reduced range or compromised taste that is provided by these drinks, which is why Ritual have seen fit to add botanical, natural flavored alternatives to the market. 

Ritual is a relatively new addition to the world of zero alcohol alternatives, and it has taken the market for alcohol-free whiskey and other spirits by storm.

It has been credited for being one of the first USA-based brands for spirit alternatives, and can currently be seen in many liquor alternatives.

They were developed for those who are avoiding drinking too much, but can be enjoyed by anyone who might have a lower than average tolerance to alcohol.

One of the great things about this brand in particular is that they are very low in calories, and can easily be used to substitute spirits in most cocktails. It is also worth noting that the products can be consumed neat over ice, in cocktails or with your favorite mixer.

Having tried the complete range of spirit alternatives that Ritual Zero Proof provides, this is a review of the products offered by this brand. 


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Firstly, the Ritual Zero Proof Tequila alternative, like the rest of Rituals’ products, are designed to be used in cocktails, and not meant to be consumed neat or straight.

This alternative, when used in a variety of cocktails, will bring out the well-known earthy agave, Mexican lime, and fiery flavors associated with normal tequila.

The intensity of the heat when using the ritual alternative is quite different from regular tequila, and it is recommended to be served chilled as this muffles the intensity of flavors if needed.

It works particularly well in a Spicy Margarita or a Bloody Mary, or any cocktail that focuses on heat and spiciness, giving you the same kick as any tequila-based cocktail.

The nose is very much similar to tequila, and you will find it hard to distinguish between this and regular alcoholic tequila. As for aftertaste, expect all the peppery heat and kick of tequila in the back of your throat with subtle smoky undertones.


  • Aromas are very similar to regular tequila and its fiery heat works well in many spicy cocktails


  • While working well in cocktails, it is not advised to drink neat and does not fully match the same tones as the regular tequila 


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Another high quality product that we would recommend is the Rituals Zero Proof Rum, which can be added to sodas, fruit juices, and made into some iconic cocktails.

In spite of it being a liquor replacement, there is nothing compromised about the taste and aromas of this replacement. Depending on how you like to drink your rum, Rituals have a great, high quality drink that has a very rich taste just like aged rum.

Undertones of warm spice add to the heat that aged rum usually has when consumed neat, and the caramel elements contribute to a rich, deep flavor. 


  • Gluten and nut free
  • Can be drunk neat over ice for a similar heat that traditional rum would have 


  • The main flavor was ginger, so we would not recommend this particular drink to someone who isn’t the biggest fan of ginger. 


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In order to replicate the rich, deep flavor achieved with aged whiskey, Ritual have spent the time trying to dissect the experience that whiskey provides.

Oak, vanilla, and caramel are strong in the smell and taste of Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey, which is part of why it is such a firm favorite for those who want to enjoy a drink without suffering the next day.

This whiskey alternative works great in a range of cocktails, including old-fashioned, Manhattan, and even a Whiskey Sour. 


  • Similar flavor to aged whiskey, complete with the bitter after tones 
  • Works as a great alternative base in cocktails 


The taste isn’t for everyone, and some people have been adverse to the bitterness that it has when consumed neat. To combat this, we found that it is best to chill the Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey several hours before drinking. 


No products found.

Everyone loves a good gin, and it can be the perfect social lubricant for a range of situations. That is why the Ritual Zero Proof Gin can be a highly useful tasty alternative to the alcoholic version.

One of the benefits of this product in particular is that it has no alcohol, or calories. This means that this drink provides a great solution for those who want the social lubricant without the hangover that comes with consuming lots of alcoholic beverages. 


  • No calories
  • Crisp, botanical aromas make this the perfect cocktail base and addition to any classic G&T
  • The flavors and aromas are subtle enough that they add a similar addition that traditionally made gin would have


  • Avoid directly comparing it to alcoholic gin, because you may be disappointed. Enjoy the product for what it is and appreciate the depth of flavor that is has

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make The Most Out Of My Rituals Zero Proof Products?

Depending on what your go-to cocktail or drink is, simply replace the regular liquor with whatever Rituals Zero Proof in the same quantity to create a similar yet unique tasting combination that will refresh you and have a similar alcoholic taste to regular drinks. 

How Much Alcohol Do These Products Contain?

None, the whole point of the Ritual Zero Proof brand is that botanical ingredients and other flavors have been combined to create something that has a similar level of warmth without the alcohol.

It can give people who are driving or those on medication a similar experience to others around them who might be drinking. Whatever your situation, Ritual has you covered. Being able to make a choice and have an increased range of drinks that aren’t alcoholic is a great idea. 

How Is The Burn Created Without Alcohol?

Ritual has spent a great amount of time carefully researching which ingredients will help trick the brain into creating the burn effect that comes from drinking cocktails and other drinks that have higher alcohol content.

The ingredients are completely natural and a complex range of spices and flavors work to trick the brain into thinking they are drinking alcohol. 

Are These Products Vegan?

Because Ritual uses traditionally milled sugar that use bone fragments to create the white color, they are not vegan. 

Why Do I Feel Drunk After Drinking Ritual Zero Proof Products?

This is purely the placebo effect, and there is nothing to worry about. Because Ritual uses entirely botanical and natural ingredients, they are unlike other alcohol-free drinks as they have zero alcoholic content.

This means that the feeling you get from drinking Ritual’s products is part of the excitement and appeal that has come from having a cocktail out of a fun glass, or drinking something that is a fun color. 


There are a lot of benefits and drawbacks that come with Ritual Zero Proof products, but there is definitely something unique that comes from the specific taste of their drink alternatives.

Being able to choose something that will not get you drunk can be a great addition to the market, because of the added choice that comes with alcohol-free rum, tequila, gin, and whiskey.

People who are the designated drivers, in remission, pregnant, or have other health conditions can all enjoy the spiced drinks that are packed full of exciting flavors that even have a similar burning sensation to boozy drinks. 

Ritual’s goal was not to replace liquor but rather add a new tool to any bartender or person’s cocktail kit, whether it is for someone looking to reduce their alcohol intake, be the designated driver for the group to the bar or club or if you still want the cocktails, you love but without the heavy hangover the next morning.

While you can taste the difference between Rituals range and the regular alcoholic versions of their drinks, they manage to closely match each one closely, bringing out the same great flavors, tones, and aromas we are all used to.

With the success of their current four products, it’s certain that we will be seeing more alcohol-free iterations of classic liquors soon.