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June Shine Review

June Shine is a form of kombucha, which is a specific type of alcoholic beverage made from fermented green or black tea.

It has seen a recent surge in popularity due to its variety of delicious flavors and reasonably low alcohol content, which makes it a great casual summer drink.

As well as having a great taste, June Shine is also surprisingly healthy when drunk in moderate amounts, given its natural probiotic and antioxidant properties.

Unlike many alcoholic beverages, June Shine is very transparent about its ingredients.

This makes it a great choice for people with specific dietary requirements or intolerances, who can drink this Kombucha without worrying about what it contains.

This review will tell you little bit about the company that makes June Shine, as well as our experience with this refreshing summer beverage.

June Shine

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  • Full ingredient list to tell you exactly what is in your drink.
  • Healthy alcoholic beverage with natural probiotic and anti-oxidant qualities.
  • Made from organic ingredients that are completely GMO free.
  • Sampler packs available, so you can try multiple flavors at a lower price.
  • A range of tasty fruity flavors that balance out the dryness of the kombucha.


  • Slightly more expensive than other drinks of a similar strength.
  • Some flavors may be too dry for fans of very sweet drinks.

Where Does June Shine Come From?

June Shine is based in San Diego and was founded by Greg Serrao and Forest Dein.

The pair claim that their drink was born from a desire to make a sustainably produced alcohol that was fully transparent about the ingredients it contained.

To paraphrase their own words, we already know so much about the food we eat, so why shouldn’t we be just as informed about the alcohol we drink.

They choose kombucha for the base of their beverage due to its natural probiotic and anti-oxidant qualities.

The healthy base of fermented tea (see also: Best Hard Kombuchas)was then mixed with fruits and spices to create the variety of delicious flavors that June Shine boasts today.

This company is very environmentally focussed and claims to be completely carbon-neutral, as well as contributing to the ‘1% For The Planet’ initiative.

What Does It Taste Like?

June Shine comes in multiple different flavors including Grapefruit Paloma, (see also: The 6 Best Tequilas For Palomas)Blood Orange Mint, Midnight Painkiller, Acai Berry, Hopical Citrus, Honey Ginger Lemon and Hibiscus Lime.

Below you will find a brief breakdown of four of the most popular flavors and how much we enjoyed them.

Grapefruit Paloma

As you would expect, this drink is like tucking into a 6% ABV grapefruit.

It is naturally quite sweet, but this is balanced by a dash of bitter lime to make a drink that isn’t too sugary, or too dry.

This flavor is probably the strongest of the 4 we tried with a refreshing burst of citrus in every sip that makes it an excellent drink for a summer barbecue

Blood Orange Mint

The blood orange taste in this drink isn’t very strong, which means it has quite a dry, citrus seltzer flavor.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, and is probably a testament to the fact that this kombucha contains real blood oranges rather than artificial flavorings.

We found this to be a beautifully dry kombucha with just enough sugar offered by the natural sweeteners.

Midnight Painkiller

With a name like Midnight painkiller and a dark black can, we weren’t sure what to expect from this flavor.

Any doubts we had were dispelled from the first sip, and this may be the best of the June Shine drinks we tried.

It is a bit dryer than some of the others, which helps to bring out the subtle blend of flavors that incorporate coconut, pineapple and spices.

Hopical Citrus

As you would expect from the pun in the name, this June Shine flavor tastes like beer, albeit one of the fruitiest beers you have ever tried.

While it is dry, it may still be too sweet for fans of very sour beer, with lots of citrus tang in every sip.

One benefit of this drink, alongside its natural health benefits, is that it isn’t very heavy and sits much better in your stomach than a conventional beer.

What Is June Shine Made From?

June Shine is made from a special blend of green tea and honey called jun kombucha. Known colloquially as the champagne of kombucha, this product is double fermented to achieve it’s 6% ABV.

Once the Kombucha has been prepared, it is mixed with different organic flavorings to create all the different varieties we discussed above.

Fruit is a popular addition to this drink, hence why many of the flavors are so citrus orientated.

Both fruit and honey help to counterbalance the natural bitterness of kombucha to create a dry alcohol that is incredibly refreshing to drink on a warm day.

All the ingredients used in June Shine are completely natural and organically sources, as well as being GMO free.

Is It Worth It?

If you buy the flavors individually, then June Shine is currently priced at around $6 per can. While this may be slightly steep for some, you are paying for a drink that is both sustainable and delicious.

The company’s dedication to both the environment and their customers is made clear by the ingredients label that is very transparent about what goes into every can.

So if you are someone who is passionate about sustainability and want to know exactly what the alcohol you are drinking contains, then June Shine is very worth its price tag.

Naturally, there are ways you can get a cheaper price by choosing one of the deals on the June Shine Website. The company offers sampler boxes, which contain 6 packs of four different flavors in one box.

Selecting one of these bundles lowers the price of each can significantly and gives you the chance to try the different flavors June Shine has to offer.

You can pick a standard sampler pack, or create your own custom one by selecting four flavors you want to try.

If you are new to Kombucha and unsure whether it is the right drink for you, then these sampler packs are a great way to try this unique and surprisingly healthy beverage.

You can buy six packs of June Shine from the company website, as well as on Amazon and Drizly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is June Shine healthy?

Since it is made from fermented tea, (see also: Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha Review)June Shine has several health benefits that sets it apart from other alcoholic beverages.

The green and black teas (see also: Green Tea Shot) used to make this drink have various anti-oxidant properties, which are also present in the final product.

Antioxidants help to remove free radicals from your body, which can be harmful if they accumulate.

The bacterial culture added to kombucha during the brewing process also gives this drink probiotic properties, which means it can help to regulate and replenish beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Since it contains a live bacterial culture, kombucha may have some negative side effects on those with a compromised immune system.

Always make sure to visit your doctor and stop drinking if you experience any of ailments caused by this drink.

That said, anything can be harmful when consumed in excessive amounts, and kombucha is no exception.

To reap the full health benefits from this drink, it should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Is June Shine Gluten Free?

Those who follow a gluten-free diet can often not drink beer due to the way it is made.

This makes June Shine and other kombucha a great alternative drink for those with specific dietary requirements, as it is completely gluten-free and vegan.

It does still contain yeast, which means it will not be suitable for those who cannot ingest food or beverages that contain live yeast cultures.

Does June Shine Contain Caffeine?

Since it is made from fermented tea, a prominent question on many people minds is whether kombucha contains caffeine. Some of the natural caffeine in the green and black tea will be lost during the brewing process. That said, all kombucha will contain roughly ⅓ of the teas original caffeine content, which is hardly enough to give anyone a rush.

How Many Calories Does June Shine Contain?

Each can of June Shine contains roughly 100 calories and 1g of sugar. More sugar is added during the brewing process, but most of it is consumed by the yeast to form ethanol.

This is why June Shine has a very dry tastes and is much lighter than other, more calorie rich beverages, like beer and cider.


June Shine kombucha is not only a healthy alternative to beer and cider, but it is an incredibly refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day.

The company’s dedication to transparency and sustainability is commendable, and all the flavors are subtle enough for us to believe they come from real, organic, ingredients.

Whether you like the dryness of Midnight painkiller or the fruity tang of Grapefruit Paloma, there is something for everyone in June Shine’s selection of delicious flavors.

So next time you are looking for something to drink, consider picking up a can of June Shine and see if fermented tea could become your new favorite summer drink.