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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Review

Johnnie Walker is much like the Bond movies. All Johnnie Walker labels are riddled with taste, expense, and a great difficulty to find. This is ever so much more true when it comes to the Blue Label.

Some would say that the Johnnie Walker Black Label is reminiscent of Daniel Craig as James Bond, whereas the Blue Label is more like Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

Even some of the most seasoned whiskey drinkers and connoisseurs have not yet had the opportunity to taste this drink’s illustrious blend. 

If you have never tasted it, it can be a tall order to ask you to pay for an entire bottle. You might love whiskey, but who knows if you will actually enjoy this drink or not. 

This is why reviews are so important, you want to know what the whiskey community really thinks of this drink. If it is worth it, and if you should really fork out that cash for this drink. 

Of course, with most beverages, you could go down to a local watering hole, try a glass, and if you like it head to the liquor store to buy your own bottle. With Johnnie Walker Blue Label, this is not quite the easy feat it could otherwise be.

Most bars won’t have this on their shelves, and so finding it to do a taste test is a bit of a tall order. 

So, instead, we are here to give you the low-down on this unique whiskey.

A First Thought on Johnnie Walker Blue

The Blue Label is Johnnie Walker’s flagship spirit. Johnnie Walker proudly boasts that only one in every ten thousand casks they make is of high enough quality to be able to receive their Blue Label status stamp of approval. 

It is inspired by the original Old Highland Whiskey, which was made by the Walkers back in 1967. So, it has had a very long pedigree of excellence behind it. 

This Blue Label is more than just a whiskey, though. It is made as a showcase of Scotland’s long history of whiskey distilling. The Blue Label aims to blend together flavors from all four corners of Scotland. Each flavor being a homage to each particular regions’ history, their terror, and landscape. 

You can get Johnnie Walker Blue Label in all different shapes and sizes, from 25-ounce bottles, all the way to sample kits. 

And, no matter what the shape, a bottle of Blue Label will always set you back in your bank. You’ll hear your credit card crying for sure.

As there is a limited production and a very high demand, the Blue Label is known very well to be pricey, and it is considered to be best left for only the most seasoned whiskey connoisseurs. 

However, we disagree. Anyone who enjoys whiskey should have a chance to try out Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label. It is a versatile beverage with a lot to offer, and no one should miss out on that! 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Our Review

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky
  • An exquisite blend of Scotland's most exceptional scotch whiskeys
  • Rich and smokey waves of flavor
  • Well rounded, full, and smooth on the palette
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No matter how you encounter the Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey, the presentation of this beverage is always going to be impressive. You can get this drink in a variety of sizes.

Even the small sample-sized bottles offer elaborate gift boxes, with cards and envelopes to make the whole experience even more special. 

As a gift, this drink shines because of its incredible and beautiful presentation. 

The transparent bottles have a subtle, gorgeous blue hue to them, through which the whiskey inside gives off shades of vibrant green and gold to make it look truly magical. 

Each bottle of Blue Label will be individually numbered on the lower label, parallel to the base of the bottle. It features no age statement, and each bottle is given a 40% ABV (or 80 proof). 

However, as a whiskey enthusiast, you likely want to know more and know what we think of this unique, rare, expensive whiskey that has the whiskey enthusiast community with heart eyes and soothed souls. 

We will talk you through all the information you need to know, so you can decide whether this drink is the one for you. Whiskey comes in many shapes and forms, and not every whiskey is for everyone, no matter how good it is said to be. 


Johnnie Walker Blue Label has a 40% ABV (80 proof), with no age statement. It is a blended Scotch whiskey. When you purchase this bottle, it will usually be found to cost around $175- $250 per 750 ml bottle. 


If appearance is something that matters to you, then you will be pleased with the appearance of Johnny Walker Blue Label whiskey. It is amber in color, with bright gold notes around the periphery. It also has strong legs. Note the greenish tone thanks to the blue color of the bottle as well. 


For some, the nose of the whiskey is very important, and we agree. Johnnie Walker Blue Label has a unique nose. With cola, bitter cocoa, cedar wood shavings, roasted coffee beans, brown sugar, almond milk, subtle leather, and very light tobacco smoke. 


The palate is, of course, one of the most significant factors of any whiskey. It has a sweet, subtle, and appropriately luxurious palate. Find wisps of peat smoke, hints of charred oak, rich vanilla cream, sweet chili pepper flake, and bittersweet chocolate. 

Blue Label transitions into the finish, much like cotton candy and how it melts in your mouth. It is almost imperceptible from mid-palate through the lingering notes of caramel, cocoa, peat, and cinnamon. 

The burn… Well there is barely one present, but in a very satisfying manner. Nothing feels muted or missing with Blue Label, and find the cigar smoke late in the finish, just perfectly. 


We have to note the pros of this whiskey. It would be wrong not to. 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label offers easy-drinking whiskey for every palate. It is also suitable for special occasions, and to show off. It is also a whiskey with a long cultural tradition. It has history there, and that is part of what makes it so special. 


For all its good parts, it is not perfect. The cons of this whiskey are obvious, though, and there is no hidden bad side. 

The problem with Blue Label is that it is more expensive than a majority of other whiskey’s, so it can be a bit of a burden on your bank account. Also, its high demand makes it difficult to source, so even if you are ready for your wallet to take a hit, it may be a while until you can source it anyway. 

A Thought To Flavor And Aroma

We can talk about the palate ‘til the cows come home, however, we really cannot stress just how unique the taste and smell are. 

So, what should you expect? 

When you pour a taste, you will notice the beautiful amber color, its crystal clear, golden straw color with viscous legs. As you taste you will find a subtle combination of vanilla, honey, and rose. Not too dissimilar to a matured Turkish delight.

It had a perfect balance between sweet notes of honey, and hints of dark, bitter caramel. 

If you take another taste, you will get a hit of that fruity and lively side of its personality. Crammed full of dried cranberries, raisins, and sultanas, you get that lovely fruity taste in the middle palate. This is then cut through with a zesty touch from orange lime, and grapefruit. 

Each of these flavored is paired with smokey notes picked up from aging in charred oak barrels.

The odor is enough to make your hair stand on end. You whiff a combination of oak smoke and alcohol. 

Fronting the nose are the spicy, fruity aromas that give it the well-rounded odor it is renowned for. You will pick up notes of wood shavings, a bitter orange, and cocoa nibs. All of which mingle together to craft a lovely, and warming sensation.

In search of the darker aromas, look to the back of the nose. Get that tingle of heavenly roasted nuts, dark coffee, and molasses, which will sit in your sinuses long after the glass has emptied. 

This aroma gives you the feeling of a lavish gentleman’s study, leather chairs, and cigar smoke. It almost feels like a trip through history. 

To Conclude

We admit we could easily talk about Johnnie Walker Blue label until the end of days, but we would be stopping you from taking the time to try it if we did. 

Instead, to conclude, we have to say that while this drink is not an easy find, and nor is it a cheap beverage, it is one that is worth it. 

Its unique tastes, aromas, and appearance really give it everything that any whiskey lover will need. However, its history is also something to love too. 

There are many whiskeys to try out there, but this is definitely one to add to the bucket list!