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Hennessy Pure White Review

Having the privilege to taste Hennessy Pure White Cognac is a rarity, if you have tasted it, you are certainly very lucky. There are many wonderful beverages out there that are hardly in the reach of most people. However, this particular beverage is especially elusive. 

If you are a lover of drinks tasting or just Cognac then you will probably be curious as to what all the fuss is about with this drink, and you are likely also wondering if it is truly as elusive as it is said to be. 

We will cover everything you want to know today, from appearance, aroma, palate, taste, and price, and of course, we will tell you if and why it is so elusive. 

It is such a shame that some of the best drinks out there are so hard to get your hands on. That is why we are here, we are here to give you the low-down on the drinks world, so when you are stuck between buying and forgetting, you can discover if it is worth the effort.

And, if you do feel that it is worth it, you can fork out that extra cash and find a way to get your hands on difficult drinks.

Introducing Hennessy

Before we introduce this drink in particular, let’s introduce Hennessy (see also: Hennessy Black Review). The house of Hennessy is the world’s supreme Cognac house, and it has been so for more than 250 years! They are legends of the craft, and it is no wonder that this particular beverage is a Cognac fit for kings! 

Let’s explain what cognac is first, for those just getting into the beverage game. 

Cognac is a drink produced in the city of Cognac in France. This Cognac was distilled from the finest white wines, and it is aged in oak barrels. Much like a carefully crafted artistic masterpiece, you might find in the Louvre, a bottle of Hennessy Pure White takes time to make. 

Its production process is meticulous and difficult, which makes it all the more alluring. 

This outstanding beverage has a reputation, one, of being a rare spirit. Because it is a rarity too, you can imagine it costs quite a hulking amount. Sadly, the rumors of it being hard to get your hands on are not just rumors. It is not a beverage sold in the USA. 

Really, you will only find this Cognac sold in the Caribbean, or in Cognac, France, itself. Which makes it even more sought after. However, it also gives you the perfect excuse to take a vacation! 

This cognac contains 40% ABV and is sold almost exclusively in 70cl glass bottles. The bottles have a twist-top instead of a cork. This is a great idea as it keeps the drinks refrigerator friendly. 

The bottles have beautiful designs on them, which are fun to look at, so it is not just the drink itself that is unique and exciting. The best way to describe this look is as a fusion between minimalist elegance, and old-fashioned style. Meaning, it looks impressive on any shelf too, granting you bragging rights if you manage to get a bottle! 

This is a versatile Cognac that can be enjoyed by pretty much anybody. Whether you are a loyal Cognac connoisseur, or an experimental newbie looking for a flavorful new adventure. 

You can drink this Cognac any way you want; neat, on ice, in a cocktail, or with a mixer. There is no special way to enjoy Hennessy Pure White, it was simply created to be enjoyed by everyone! 

The Good And The Bad

Every drink, in fact, everything in our world, has good points and bad points. No matter how great a drink is, it is never perfect. 

If you are considering forking out some cash to find a way to get yourself a bottle of Hennessy Pure White, then you will want to know what to expect, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

What’s Good? 

Well, on the better side of things, it is versatile. You do not have to enjoy Hennessy Pure White in any particular way, you can have it however you want, in whatever way suits you best. No one will judge if you fancy slipping some in a glass with a dash of lemonade, or adding a drop to your favorite cocktail. 

It also makes easy drinking for Cognac-lovers of any type. Be you an experience or a novice, it is great for everyone. It also makes for a wonderful gift, as a collector’s item, or as the ideal drink to celebrate a special occasion! 

Its rarity and reputation are also positive. It is highly esteemed and is a rare spirit that is very sought after. So, getting your hands on one is not only impressive, it makes you look impressive too! 

It is smooth and has a unique taste as well. So, even if it cannot be a regular indulgence for you, it is worth trying it and adding it to your ‘beverage bucket list’. 

Okay, But, What’s The Catch?

We admit, it all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, nothing comes without a catch, does it? The bad sides of this beverage are its expense and uniqueness. 

For many, the cost is nothing when it comes to finding something special like this, but getting hold of it is a whole other problem. 

Since Hennessy Pure White is not sold in the USA, this can be a big issue. It is only available in the Caribbean and in the city of Cognac, France. It is also expensive, and difficult to find. Especially if you are used to more available drinks, it might be a bit of a wild goose chase. 

What Can We Say About Hennessy?

Well, even though it is not all sunshine and rainbows with this beverage, it still has so much to offer. So, if you do find yourself hunting down a bottle of this elusive wonder, let’s give you an idea of what to expect when you get your hands on one. 

Good Looks

With an alluring and distinctive light, golden color, there is a majesty to its appearance that we can hardly tear our eyes from. It is reminiscent of warm honey, with a glistening, amber twinkle. 

Its legs are tiny, and light. If you love Hennessy anyway, you are probably used to their dark and brown Cognacs. However, Hennessy Pure White is like taking a sip of the sun’s reflection from a Mediterranean ocean on a warm summer vacation.

Great Smell

Hennessy Pure White has the rich scent typical of Cognac, however, it is not too harsh on your nose. With a fresh aroma of medium intensity, your nose will pick up hints of oak from this barrel-aged Cognac. Enough, but not too much. 

Its charm lies in the gentle scents of flowers and fruits, with other notes of apple, pear, and grapes. Perhaps even unripe apricot. Reeling you in with fruity scents that delight your sinuses. 

Perfect Palate

A   well-rounded Cognac goes down smooth, as this does. Going down with fresh notes of flowers and fruits. It has a young, clean taste, allowing you to ease into its heavy, bull-bodied qualities. 

It contains 40% alcohol, so there is heat there, but the bite is not vicious, but expect fruity and floral accents to trump the heat. There is no acidic tartness, instead, each sip is like drinking in a flower-laden spring field. 

Tantalizing Taste

The first taste, oh, what fresh notes of fruit and flowers, with sweetness vibrant but subtle, balanced out with honey and caramel notes. 

Then, complemented by ginger and potpourri flavors, perhaps a smidgen of bitterness, enough, but not harsh. Each sip is wrapped up in a surprise that will be like an adventure for your taste buds. 


With a reputation of being elusive, it is difficult to find, while also being very popular. 

Shipping and prices will vary, however, you can expect to pay over $100 for a 70cl bottle from independent importers However in the Caribbean or Cognac, it will equal $40 to $50. 

Is It As Good As It’s Hyped Up To Be?

Hennessy Pure White surely is an impressive and delicious Cognac that is hard to get your hands on. However, whether it is good as it is hyped up to be is totally up to you and your taste buds. 

You won’t know it until you try it. 

Wrapping It Up

This is a unique Cognac, distinguishing itself from other Hennessy products. It offers plenty of taste and flavor and is a smooth drink. Versatility also stands on the pros list for this wonderful beverage. 

While Cognac’s are known for expense, Hennessy Pure White won’t have you looking to sell your liver to afford it. However, the difficulty with this drink is its lack of ease when it comes to purchasing it. This is often what drives people away. 

But, if you can get your mitts on it, it is well worth it.