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A List Of All The Types Of Mead

Did you know that there are many types of mead found across the world? Although there are three main types of unflavored mead – dry mead, sweet mead, and semi-sweet or semi-dry mead – there are over 40 different kinds of mead to explore.

As soon as you start exploring the world’s mead, you start to learn more about different country’s cuisines and cultures. All continents are home to different types of mead (see also: What Is Mead? Everything You Need To Know)and use it for a variety of purposes.

A List Of All The Types Of Mead

Also known as honey wine, mead is an alcoholic beverage usually consisting of two main ingredients – water and honey. You will often find different ingredients incorporated into mead to transform and heighten its flavor.

Examples include fruits, hops, spices, and grains.

If you have ever had mead, then you would experience its defining characteristic, which is honey. This is what gives mead that traditional, unique flavor it is renowned for. 

But, not all types of mead taste the same. In fact, one mead can taste different in one beverage to the next.

This is mainly down to a variety of factors, such as the water ratio, how long the mead has been aged, what ingredients have been added to the mix, and the overall ABV content.

Mead comes in many varieties and we want to show you a list of all mead types in the world. Sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of mead.

Different Types Of Mead

When writing up this article, we were amazed by how many types of mead there are worldwide. The list is seemingly endless, but that hasn’t stopped us from including the most popular types below.

Here are various types of mead from around the world in alphabetical order:

  • Acerglyn
  • Black mead
  • Bochet
  • Bochetomel
  • Braggot
  • Capsicumel
  • Cyser
  • Dry mead
  • Great mead
  • Hippocras
  • Hydromel
  • Melomel
  • Metheglin
  • Morat
  • Mulled mead
  • Omphacomel
  • Oxymel
  • Pyment
  • Rhodomel
  • Session mead
  • Sack mead
  • Short mead
  • Show mead
  • Sparkling mead
  • White mead

Acerglyn is made with maple syrup, rather than honey. Therefore, it is not considered a traditional mead but is still a mead as it is made in the same fashion. 

Black mead contains black currants (hence the name) but the amount of fruit in this mead depends on the producer of it. Despite its name, its color is not completely black. Instead it is usually a dark purple or a reddish black. 

Bochet is a very tasty mead that is made with caramelized or burned honey before being added to water. This mead can help make a variety of sweet flavors, such as marshmallow, toffee, and caramel.

Bochetomel is from the branch of the Bochet style mead. Like Bochet, this mead contains berries, such as elderberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Braggot mead is also referred to as bracket. It is a Welsh mead that was initially used for brewing with hops and honey. Today, it is made with honey and malted grains and, depending on the maker, it can be created with or without hops. 

Capsicumel contains chili peppers, as the name suggests.

Cyser mead contains apples and/or apple juice. Therefore, it tastes somewhat similar to cider. The apple or apple juice is mixed with honey and then left to ferment. But, occasionally, real apple cider is used instead of the juice.

Dry Mead has a low volume of honey and has an extremely dry flavor. Due to the lack of honey, it is not sweet.

Great Mead is aged and brewed in a bottle for a long period. Typically, it will age for over six or seven years. 

Hippocras is a spiced mead that is seasoned with spices, such as cinnamon. Sometimes, it is also heated up. 

Hydromel contains 3.5 to 7.5% of alcohol, on average, and is a watered-down type of mead. Therefore, its flavor is somewhat diluted.

Melomel contains different fruits and, now and again, spices are incorporated into the mead. 

Metheglin contains various spices and ingredients like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, tea, vanilla, cloves, and ginger. Many use this mead for its medical properties, but others simply enjoy its taste. 

Morat is similar to Melomel and is made with a combination of mulberries and honey. 

Mulled Mead generally contains strong spices and is typically heated. This type of mead is popular during the holiday season. 

Omphacomel is brewed with unripened grape juice or verjuice.

Oxymel has been around for a long, long time. In Latin, it translates to “acid and honey.” But, don’t worry, it simply contains vinegar, wine, and honey. 

Pyment refers to different varieties of mead that are produced using grapes, grape wine, or grape juice. Pyment types of mead rely on these additives for flavor and color. 

Rhodomel may sound like medication but it simply means “rose honey.” It is made from rose petals, rose hips, or rose attar, and honey. Its floral flavor is a favorite among many mead fans. 

Session Mead has a low alcohol content of just 4 to 7 % ABV and is often carbonated.

Sack Mead, also known as the dessert wine of mead, tends to contain a lot of honey. Therefore, it is very sweet with an ABV of around 14 to 18%. 

Short Mead, also known as quick mead, matures quickly. Therefore, it is brewed in only three days to a month, on average and shares similar qualities to cider and ale.

Show Mead is a plain version of mead with no additional spices or fruits. It is typically made from just honey, water, and yeast, with small traces of acid and enzymes for a more balanced sweet flavor. 

Sparkling Mead is carbonated and similar to sparkling wine. It contains a little honey or sugar before being bottled for extra sweetness.

White Mead is often made with fruits and herbs. Sometimes, even egg whites are added to this mead.

In Summary

Thanks for reading about the different types of mead. We hope you enjoy trying out as many of these as possible!