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Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A fruity sophisticated cocktail to bring out your inner Samantha!  History of the Cosmopolitan  Get ready because there is some drama behind this cocktail! To start, several bartenders claim to be the original creators of the Cosmopolitan cocktail. Seriously, there are too many to count. This is probably because the drink is so famous, everyone wants …

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9 Of The Best Cocktails That Use Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier falls on the sweeter side of the liqueur spectrum. It is a blend of sophisticated cognac and triple sec. The end product is delicate, polished, and a perfect mixing ingredient to elevate the wow factor in your cocktails. Read on to learn which cocktails feature this elite alcohol and get inspired to make …

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Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Review

In the hunt for interesting whiskey, we have recently stumbled across Skrewball’s Peanut Butter Whiskey. Peanut butter is a complex flavor, a mix of sweetness and saltiness that’s hard to emulate without coming down too harshly on either side. It’s a challenge – one that Skrewball have built their entire brand around. Here’s our review …

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